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Exports of agricultural and maritime food products were full in 2022, thus recording a performance never before achieved, with a threshold exceeding 80 billion dirhams (MMDH). Constituting an important sector which occupies the 3rd position among the Moroccan export sectors, agricultural and maritime food products showed a remarkable increase of nearly 20% compared to 2021, despite a difficult international and climatic situation marked by unprecedented levels of drought.

At retail, exports of fresh fruits and vegetables reached a volume of 2.3 million tons, an annual growth of 10%, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests , which asserts that this growth trend concerned all product families and all destinations. The growth also concerned red fruit exports up to 20%, with a volume of 131,900 tonnes. Same story for citrus exports, which were in full swing, particularly on the American market (x2.2).

Regarding fishing, their exports recorded a growth of 13% in volume and 16% in value, thus reaching 28 billion dirhams. With regard to processed agricultural products, exports recorded an increase of 5% in volume and 19% in value during the year 2022 compared to the year 2021. Exports of olive oil recorded, for their part, growth of 85% in volume and 49% in value.

Development of industrial platforms in agro-food In order to support the dynamics of national agricultural production, several agropoles have been set up in Meknes, Berkane, Tadla and Souss as a new generation of integrated industrial platforms specialized in agro-food. The net area equipped in these platforms amounts to 253 hectares, while the number of projects marketed reached 294 projects, in line with a strategy aimed at creating an appropriate framework for the integration of all value chains. agriculture and improving their yields.

The same momentum will also continue during 2023, which will see the signing of agreements relating to the Gharb and Haouz poles, the launch of development works and technical studies related to the construction of the qualipoles, the continuation of development of the Loukkos pole, the launch of construction work on the qualipoles, and the continuation and completion of the works and the marketing process for the poles of Meknes, Berkane, Tadla and Souss, as well as the construction of units. The agricultural campaign has borne fruit

The remarkable performance of exports of agricultural and maritime food products is hardly the result of chance, but has its origins in a well-prepared 2021-2022 agricultural campaign which has borne fruit.

Thus, agricultural production inputs were provided in sufficient quantities to farmers to cover their needs in terms of subsidized selected seeds, in addition to support for farmers and investors, in addition to the expansion of agricultural insurance areas. , and the strengthening of agricultural financing. These performances are also due to long-term strategies aimed at making the agricultural sector a priority lever for socio-economic development in Morocco. The “Green Generation” 2020-2030 strategy offers, in this respect, a new generation of support mechanisms to professionalize agriculture, in particular through the reform of agricultural advice, the generalization of digital agricultural services and the promotion of new generation solidarity agriculture.

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