frustrated exam candidates protest against Ouahbi

The Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Ouahbi, hardly seems to take it easy since his last media outing. Indeed, after being left behind by his supporters (PAM) and vox populi, he saw dozens of candidates who failed in the famous competition come to protest this Sunday January 15, 2023 at the gates of Parliament in Rabat.

Dozens of “failed candidates” therefore, in the legal examination of the current exercise, renewed their protest against the results of the written examination, this Sunday morning in the capital, Rabat. Furious, they called for the cancellation of the results and the opening of a transparent and impartial investigation in order to examine in all impartiality, the principle of equal opportunities for all candidates wishing to enter this profession.

Candidates frustrated by an injustice that has made too many noises have joined the capital, Rabat, from several cities, to denounce what they have defined as “violations” which have conditioned the examination by excluding and discriminating deliberately by groups belonging to the popular classes at the expense of candidates from the influential category.

Look for other looks, the allusion could not be clearer. The demonstrators, some of them armed with “academic” evidence if one may dare, called on the public prosecutor to act in order to obtain justice for those who have exhausted all legal remedies. The demonstrators waved banners bearing the slogan “Death, not humiliation” and others with photos of King Mohammed VI and the national flag, while other angry people chose to wave the Moroccan Constitution.

All these fine people wanted to express their determination and to hold on for a while in order to recover their rights, the main one being to “re-correct the exam papers” and open an investigation into the results which they consider biased. Many of those who failed the written exam for obtaining a legal right to practice as a lawyer filed requests for examination of their papers before the administrative court in Rabat, while others insisted on retaking the exam on the grounds that the official one taken had “not been transparent. »

From a legal point of view, candidates who doubt that the points they obtained do not correspond to their answers to the exam questions have the right to resort to justice in order to examine the correction documents according to Naoufal Bouamri ., lawyer at the bar of Tetouan.

In the same context, the Bet on Progress and Socialism Group of the House of Representatives asked for the convening of the Justice, Legislation and Human Rights Commission, with the effective presence of the Minister of Justice Abdellatif Ouahbi, in order to debate the great controversy raised by the results of the competition set up to allow young aspirants to join the noble corporation of the legal profession.

MoroccoLatestNews learned from a reliable source that the Ministry of Justice had allowed last Wednesday to first reconsider the results of 60 candidates for the profession of lawyer who had doubts about the accuracy of the correction of their exam, knowing in that the Guardianship had authorized to examine the files of 103 of the candidates.

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