Faced with "injustice", the unsuccessful winners of the written lawyer's exam protest in Rabat

Since the outbreak of the scandal of the written examination of aptitude for the exercise of the profession of lawyer, implicating the Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Ouahbi, the laureates not selected for the examination protest for the second time in Rabat, Sunday, to demand justice and reparation, and above all, the departure of Ouahbi.

The National Commission for Victims of the Bar Exam, which came into being after the announcement of the exam results, announced the organization of a sit-in national, Sunday, January 15, at 11 a.m. in front of the Parliament in Rabat.

Calling on all Moroccans to mobilize with them to make their voices heard and obtain ” justice “, the said Commission insists at all costs on “ to succeed in this case against thecorruption ” and the “nepotism“.

The purpose of this sit-in is to demand the opening of an investigation into the written examination of aptitude for the exercise of the profession of lawyer, the dismissal of the Minister of Justice as well as the reorganization of the written examination in the presence of a special commission which will guarantee integrity and transparency, entrusted toMoroccoLatestNews UKRahima, exam candidate and victim of this scandal.

Asked about the government’s silence, our interlocutor expressed her surprise at this “dumbness“, wishing at the same time to know”the position of Ouahbi’s party, the PAM (Authenticity and Modernity Party), in relation to this scandal, especially as it concerns the future of the children of the people“, she clarified.

We are always flabbergasted in the face of government silence. We would like to know their position and that of the PAM in relation to this scandal. It is all the same the children of Morocco. When they needed us during the 2021 elections, we were there. Today we need them, but unfortunately they are not there“, was sorry our interlocutor.

It should be recalled that the Executive maintained a certain distance with regard to the affair of the written examination for aptitude for the exercise of the profession of lawyer, asserting on several occasions that the affair concerned the Ministry of Justice, as if the latter were a separate component of the government.

For his part, Ouahbi continues to have the same speech. Invited last Sunday to a program on the second channel, Abdellatif Ouahbi does not seem to be overly worried about the scandal of the competition for access to the profession of lawyer where the smell of “corruption “and of “nepotismwould have been felt miles away.

On the contrary, Ouahbi seemed good in his suit and tie, again saying that he was“strong in his status as Minister of Justice, and that there is not an ounce of doubt about the reliability of the results of the said examination”,which revealed in particular the success of his son. The presence of Moulay Said Charfi, director of logistics and heritage management at the Ministry of Justice, in the list of winners is also discussed.

While discontent continues to mount over this scandal, pushing public opinion to demand the departure of Ouahbi at the head of one of the most sensitive ministries, the latter persists and signs and continues to defend himself and his officials to the ministry, some of whom are implicated in this scandal.

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