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Thanks to its many advantages, in particular flexibility and independence in the exercise of the activity, many people are more attracted by the status of auto-entrepreneur and the advantages it can offer.

This enthusiasm is evident among men as well as women, young and old, who want to get out of the informal sector by acquiring a legal status, extricate themselves from unemployment by exercising a professional activity or create a business. to take advantage of a business opportunity.

According to figures from the Moroccan Observatory of Very Small, Small and Medium Enterprises (OMTPME), the number of active auto-entrepreneurs (AE) amounted to 300,457 in 2021, against 272,263 in 2020 and 180,273 in 2019 , thus posting annual increases of 10.4% and 66.7% respectively.

According to the President of the Union of Auto Entrepreneurs Bidaya, Zakaria Fahim, several factors can explain the increase in the number of autoentrepreneurs in Morocco since the creation of this regime. “In addition to being particularly attractive for people wishing to create their own business, because it is relatively simple and quick to set up, the status of auto-entrepreneur allows them to benefit from certain protections and advantages, such as social »he said.

And to add that the economic development of Morocco and the growth of certain industries, such as the tourism sector or e-commerce can be factors that encourage people to become self-entrepreneurs.

Moreover, the acceleration of digital, access to the Internet and online communication tools, as well as the development of online platforms for finding customers or selling products, have probably contributed to facilitating the creation of businesses by auto-entrepreneurs, he noted.

Unequal geographical distribution In 2021, the regional breakdown of active AEs reveals the predominance of the Casablanca-Settat region, which alone accounts for 31.8% of the total, thus posting an increase of 1.9 points compared to the year 2019, according to the OMTPME. It is followed by the Rabat-Salé-Kénitra region with a share of 16%, marking a drop of 0.9 points compared to 2019. As for the Marrakech-Safi region, this proportion is 11.6 %, followed by Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima with 9.8%.

The distribution “uneven” auto-entrepreneurs in Morocco depends on several factors, including access to financing, infrastructure and equipment, as well as the presence of a developed local economic fabric, noted Fahim, noting that the regions of Grand Casablanca and Rabat-Salé-Kénitra would concentrate a significant proportion of auto-entrepreneurs, due to their economic dynamism and their proximity to the decision-making centers and the main business centers of the country.

Regarding the proportion of registered self-employed women which does not exceed 24%, social and cultural obstacles, differences in remuneration, or even differences in the level of education and training could explain this disparity, he pointed out. .

More than half of self-entrepreneurs under the age of 35 Still according to the Observatory, more than half of the self-entrepreneurs registered in 2021 are under the age of 35. A situation that Fahim explained by the interest shown by young people in entrepreneurship, thus opting for the device of entrepreneurship offering an accessible path for young people to start a business without having to go through the administrative formalities and the costs. financial resources associated with starting a traditional business.

And to argue that this scheme can be particularly attractive for young people who are looking to innovate and create their own jobs, but who may face challenges in accessing the financing and resources necessary to start a business.

It is also possible that this statistic reflects an increased commitment by the Moroccan government to youth entrepreneurship, with initiatives and programs aimed at encouraging and supporting young entrepreneurs, including through measures to facilitating access to information, training and financing, as well as mentoring and support programs for young entrepreneurs, he said.

What about the continuation of this enthusiasm for self-entrepreneurship? In view of the trends following the years 2019, 2020, 2021, one could be optimistic before the new finance law on the fact that the number of auto-entrepreneurs should experience an increase in the years to come, underlined the President of the Union of Auto Entrepreneurs Bidaya.

While several “accelerators of this system are present”, in particular new working habits and the acceleration of digital, the advent of the 2023 finance law imposing by way of withholding at source, at the discharge rate of 30%, the surplus of the annual turnover exceeding 80,000 dirhams achieved by the service providers with the same customers, Fahim estimates that “we want to nip in the bud the year 0 when all the lights are simultaneously green, namely the implementation of the 3 levers, alternative financing (crowdfunding), social security and access to the market (with quotas for auto-entrepreneurs)”.

Self-entrepreneurship can be a lever for economic recovery, especially in a context of global crisis, by encouraging more project leaders to innovate and dare to take their first step into the world of entrepreneurship.

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