DIDH denounces the intrusion of the president of a human rights association into its headquarters

The Interministerial Delegation for Human Rights (DIDH) denounced on Friday the intrusion of the president of the Moroccan Association for Human Rights (AMDH) into its headquarters on the grounds of expressing its solidarity with two civil servants, considering that This is a “strange act, unprecedented and, what is more, contrary to the morals and customs of the presidents of associations and human rights organizations”.

In a press release, the DIDH reports that the president of the AMDH introduced himself on Friday January 13 at the headquarters of the Delegation on the pretext of expressing his solidarity with civil servants, adding that the Secretary General of this institution asked him to justify this act while informing him that it is in violation of the practices agreed in the relations between a public administration and a civil association.

“Not expecting this reaction, he left the scene before returning to show up in front of the DIDH portal and take a selfie with the two officials in question, which he will post afterwards on his social media account. , ignoring any privacy rules and subsequently giving statements to the press “, indicates the press release.

Commenting on this unprecedented act, the Delegation notes that “the situations of the civil servants whom the president of the said association has tried to exploit for dishonest ends, are by their nature different in that the civil servant is among the victims who claim to have been exposed to harassment at the Interministerial Delegation, before recalling that it is common knowledge that this file was submitted to the public prosecutor’s office in two stages, namely first by means of a referral to the public prosecutor’s office and then when the complaint was filed, which file is now handed over to the judicial police”. And to wonder: What does the president of the association want then?

As for the official, he was the subject of a disciplinary measure before resuming his work, specifies the press release, indicating that he is also part of a legal dispute still in progress at the administrative court as is the case for the official. mentioned above but in another file.

The statement stresses, in this regard, that the DIDH wishes to reaffirm, if necessary, its total respect for court decisions before asking itself once again: What does the president of the association want?

And the Delegation to denounce this act of the president of the said association, a strange unprecedented act, foreign to the mores and customs of the presidents of associations and human rights organizations, having not even taken the trouble to ask for information on the civil servants in favor of whom he claims to want to express his solidarity, or even an interview with the persons in charge of the administration, in addition to the elementary duty to inform oneself beforehand on the nature of the litigation and to know if the file is in the hands of justice or not, in accordance with accepted practices in the field of human rights.

To this, the press release deplores the intrusion into a public establishment without any legal legal basis, which places the intruder in a situation of aggressor, noting that access to a place for investigations reserved by law to the competent authorities, takes place according to strict procedures.

While expressing its indignation at this thoughtless act, the DIDH insists in its press release on “the seriousness of the acts of incitement and defamation that have become the privileged tools of a radical group at the extreme of the opposition and acting in the open for the purpose of instrumentalizing human rights”.

In front of ‘this reprehensible and reckless act’‘, the DIDH recalls the content of its previous press releases, the last of which is dated November 22, 2022, in which the Delegation notes that “without a doubt, techniques and tools of incitement and exacerbation have been introduced in the field of human rights in support of a discourse specific to very radicalized political groups and in a way where confuse roles and hats, and which has absolutely no relation to the field of human rights. Admittedly, the field of human rights in Morocco has been marked for many years by a radical human rights movement in opposition with eminent activists relying on legal arguments and making efforts commendable in terms of documentation and advocacy, but never have they fallen so low”.

The press release concludes by noting that »the Interministerial Delegation would like to recall the principle of the sanctity of places in the case of a public establishment and that it will not hesitate, if necessary, to seek the intervention of the authorities concerned by the defense of this rule of ‘inviolability, knowing that access to a public establishment to express solidarity with complainants is governed by well-defined rules and ethics guaranteed by the constitution and the law as is the case in any civilized process “adding that ‘‘DIDH reiterates for the second time its intention to reserve the right to resort to justice’.

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