DGSN: Promotion of 9,488 police officers in 2022

DGSN: Promotion of 9,488 police officers in 2022

The General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) indicated that a total of 9,488 police officers benefited from the advancement for the 2022 budget year, an increase of around 1,337 beneficiaries compared to 2021. .

A press release from the DGSN, published on Sunday, specifies that the deliberations of the promotion juries resulted in the promotion of 6,326 agents in uniform and 3,162 in civilian clothes, while giving particular interest to agents of lower and middle grades.

The promotion juries were based, during their work and deliberations, on an integrated pact for evaluating the performance of civil servants and their annual rating, according to specific criteria, in particular professional competence, merit, performance and seniority in the exercise of the profession and in the rank.

It should be noted that the DGSN attaches particular importance to voluntary promotion, which is at the forefront of professional promotion mechanisms and one of the main administrative incentives that encourage police officers to show more sacrifice. and self-sacrifice when carrying out their noble missions of protecting the safety of citizens, preserving their property and improving the quality of the services offered to them.

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