Defense minister resigns under fire

Germany: Defense Minister resigns under fire

German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht presented her resignation to Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Monday, in a statement sent to the press where she accused the media, among other things, of focusing on her.

“The focus of the media on my person for months hardly allows for objective reports and discussions about the soldiers, the Bundeswehr (the German army) and the directions of security policy in the interest of German citizens “Laments Christine Lambrecht in her statement.

German media have criticized some of the minister’s decisions or media appearances in recent months, including sending helmets to Ukraine as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky demanded heavy weapons.

“I asked the chancellor today to relieve me of my duties as defense minister” amid such criticism and pressure for Germany to deliver tanks to Ukraine.

According to her, “the valuable work of the soldiers and the many motivated people must be at the forefront”, as Germany plans to invest 100 billion euros to modernize its army, following the war between Ukraine and Russia.

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