Canadian exploration company announces record production

The Canadian mining exploration company, Aya Gold & Silver, has just announced that annual silver production at the Zgounder mine reached its record level in 2022, an increase of 17.5% compared to 2021.

In a recently published press release, the company Aya & Gold shared the results of the fourth quarter and the annual silver production at the Zgounder silver mine, located approximately 140 km northeast of Taroudant.

The great Canadian explorer revealed that it succeeded in producing 661,621 ounces of silver in Q4-2022, an increase of 52.5% compared to Q4-2021, in addition to processing 63,283 tonnes of ore at a grade of 364 grams per tonne, which means a 46.8% growth in grade compared to the same quarter a year earlier.

According to the same source, further mining development will allow access to new levels, while the main grade should stabilize in 2023. However, a quarterly variation in the grade is expected, particularly in the high quality zones which are integral part of the deposit. ” In 2022, the annual grade of 265 g/t was in line with forecast (264 g/t), which reinforces confidence in the mine plan for the future“, adds the company.

Additionally, Aya Gold & Silver reported that improved mine, plant and silver recovery throughput has resulted in record annual production of 1,880,707 ounces in 2022, which is higher than forecast for 2022 and represents an increase of 17.5% compared to 2021.

Mill recovery rates improved in 2022 and reached 89.9% in Q4-2022 thanks to the continued efforts of our operations team. This achievement by the operations teams adds to our confidence in the ramp-up of the new processing plant once it is built.“, underlines the press release, adding that theThe flotation plant was shut down for maintenance for six days during December 2022 to ensure a strong start to 2023.

In addition, mine production reached a record 80,426 tonnes, or 874 tonnes per day on a quarterly basis and 776 tonnes per day based on the year. ” Mine ramp-up is expected to ramp up in Q2-2023 to build inventory for expansion as new mining equipment is expected to be delivered to site throughout 2023“, declares the Canadian explorer.

Of note, the mining exploration company operates the Zgounder high-grade silver mine and explores its properties along the South Atlas Prospective Fault, several of which have hosted former producing mines and historical resources. Aya Gold & Silver’s Moroccan mining assets are complemented by the Tijirit gold project in Mauritania, for which the feasibility study is underway.

It should also be remembered that this mining permit covers 16 km², and the 7 exploration permits cover 96 km², the company Aya Gold & Silver holds 85% interest in the Zgounder silver mine, while the 15% the rest belong to the National Office of Hydrocarbons and Mines (ONHYM).

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