Bourita co-chairs the Rabat forum on reducing African Diaspora remittance costs

Bourita co-chairs the Rabat forum on reducing African Diaspora remittance costs

The work of the Rabat forum on reducing the cost of remittances from the African Diaspora opened on Thursday in Rabat.

Co-chaired by Morocco and Togo, the Forum, which is part of the implementation of the 2021-2031 agenda on “African roots and the African diaspora”, aims to lead a reflection of together on the levers and measures capable of supporting the dynamics of remittance flows from the African diaspora while accelerating the associated cost reduction efforts, to align with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Goal 20 of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (to make remittances faster, safer and cheaper and to promote the financial inclusion of migrants).

In order to arrive at practical solutions, the sessions of this event will focus on the proposal of new innovative, digital and inclusive models/channels and the establishment of adequate infrastructures and favorable regulatory frameworks, as well as the establishment of a mapping within the African diaspora in the world, including in skills, so as to optimize and strengthen its involvement in the socio-economic development of their countries of origin.

Participants will also focus on studying the establishment of an e-business platform that will link the African diaspora with investors / project leaders and create an emulation effect by capitalizing on the successes stories of African migrants. The objective is to channel the financial flows of the diasporas towards the formal economy and to call on the expertise of African nationals to develop innovative models of financial involvement.

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