Bonus of 2MDH for any individual Moroccan gold medalist

The Moroccan National Olympic Committee (CNOM), has announced that Moroccan athletes who will take part in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris will benefit from performance bonuses of up to 2 MDH for those who win a gold medal in an individual discipline.

A press release from the Committee specifies that according to the scale reassessed by the CNOM and the Ministry in charge of Sports, in order to better encourage athletes to honorably represent the Kingdom of Morocco during these Games, the silver and bronze medalists in individual sports will pocket , respectively, 1.25 MDH and 750,000 DH.

For group sports (2 to 4 athletes), the bonuses will be 1 MDH for the gold medal, 750,000 DH (silver) and 500,000 DH (bronze), while for team sports (more than 5) , they will be 700,000 DH (gold), 500,000 (silver) and 400,000 (bronze).

Athletes who achieve records during the Olympic Games will also have a bonus of 1 MDH for the world record and 500,000 DH for the Olympic record.

Moroccan athletes not on the podium will receive bonuses ranging from 300,000 DH (4th place) to 50,000 DH (21st to 32nd places) for individual sports, from 200,000 DH to 33,000 for group sports (2 to 4 ) and from 150,000 to 25,000 DH for team sports (more than 5).

These bonuses will be granted to athletes who have won at least one fight or have passed at least one round, the statement said, explaining that for sports disciplines that do not have eliminatory phases, athletes must be ranked among the first half of the ranking. general.

These bonuses reward performance and are no longer awarded solely for qualification, with the aim of encouraging qualified athletes to give the best of themselves, to qualitatively enhance Moroccan participation in the Paris 2024 Olympics, it is underlined. .

For these Olympic Games, it was also decided to grant a bonus for the technical supervision responsible for the preparation of qualified athletes, and whose names appear in the agreements signed between the CNOM and the Royal Moroccan Federations, we know , specifying that this bonus represents 50% of the total rewards awarded for the performance of athletes during these Games.

And the CNOM to point out that the bonuses will be calculated according to the specificities of each sporting event, the format of the competition and the final ranking recorded by each athlete, according to the conditions of behavior, conduct and ethics which must be respected.

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