At the center of a lively controversy, Ouahbi explains

The sauce continues to mount concerning the results of the aptitude competition for the exercise of the profession of lawyer. Thousands of candidates with missed “ their examination, did not fail to denounce a certain “favouritism” or even “nepotism”.

The controversy escalated when several surnames known »or that of the very son of the Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Ouahbi, appeared in the list of successful candidates.

Instead of calming the crowd, the Minister of Justice made a string of declarations which only added fuel to the fire by declaring that this affair “artificial has no place to be”, that he was that he ” had the means to pay for his son to study abroad”, though “These people (who speak) are in bad faith! “.

To appease the atmosphere, in recognition of ” the mistake ” or not, Abdellatif Ouahbi confirmed that candidates who have not had the chance to pass the competition for access to the practice of the legal profession have the right to consult their results and copies, indicating that his ministry has received requests in this area, including those made by certain parents in place of the candidates.

Speaking Tuesday evening on SNRT News, as part of the program “ Point to the Line ” (Nokta Ila Satr), the Minister of Justice admitted that he expected the ongoing controversy over the competition for eligibility to practice the profession of lawyer ” About 76,000 candidates applied for the contest, but only 2,000 of them passed, so this debate was expected,” he blurted out.

Regarding some of the candidates whose success in the competition has been reported and who are related to families known politically and professionally, Ouahbi saw fit to point out that “there is the same surname carried by 25 people, of which only four people succeeded. But some cite this as the reason for their success.

As voices were raised to condemn the written contest and the names that managed to win it, the government official confirmed that the contestants who were able to pass were able to excel, given that a group of them received training in law firms or in the courts, pointing out that‘”there is no candidate who had the average and was not admitted to the competition.

My mission is not to hunt ghosts, to seek the relatives of the candidates, and to work to make everyone fail because their father is a lawyer or a civil servant., reacted Ouahbi to the list of surnames in question, which was widely disseminated on social networks, noting that the number of candidates who passed the competition was initially 800, according to what had been announced by the commission.

But, he continued, he “ must have had a heated discussion » with the members of the said commission in order to convince them to ensure that the number of admissions reaches 2,000 people.

In addition, Ouahbi refused to redo the written aptitude competition for the exercise of the profession of lawyer, confirming that ” the question has been decided, and clarified, and that the one who decides is the Minister of Justice and not the social networks”.

In this sense, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the use of foul language against his person, noting that ” whoever does so must first +reconsider their morals+ before claiming to enter the legal profession”.

The minister further explained that what he said about his son and his studies in Canada came at a time of provocation, indicating that his son first studied in Moroccan universities before going in Canada.

Ultimately, Ouahbi apologized to Moroccans for his remarks, saying: “ If my words were misunderstood, I apologize to everyone, and I apologize to the university and the professors from whom I learned“?

But he couldn’t resist throwing a final spade saying that “the results of the bar exam raise many questions about law schools“…

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