Armament: The first Israeli anti-missile systems received by Morocco

As part of the reinforcement of its military and armament arsenal, Morocco would have received the delivery of the first Barak MX anti-missile systems, manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

The Moroccan army reportedly received and put into service the first Barak MX air and missile defense systems, supplied by the company Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) following the strategic defense cooperation agreement signed in 2021 by Tel Aviv and Rabat, which provided the Kingdom with access to Israeli-made high-tech weapons. In addition, it is a purchase worth more than 500 million dollars dating from the month of February 2022, announce several Spanish media.

The same sources recall thatthanks to this strategic pact, Morocco was able to access technologies such as Heron or Hermes 900 drones, Harop suicide drones and a batch of Spike anti-tank missilesas well as robotic patrol vehicle systems at Elbit Systems and drone interceptors at Skylock. They specify that Morocco asked Israel to provide these systems, in addition to others, during the visit of the Israeli Minister of Defense, Benny Gantz, in November 2021.

Recall that the Israeli media revealed in February 2022 that “Morocco has discussed its needs with Israel, which has proposed several alternatives, including the Barak system. This one was chosen because of its flexibility and capabilities in various areas“. They also disclosed that “IAI CEO Boaz Levy secretly traveled to Morocco where he presented the capabilities of the missile defense systems and concluded the details of the agreement“.

Indeed, the radar-backed Barak MX missile defense system is a flexible, modular system and can protect against a range of missile and drone threats. It is downright capable of shooting down any aircraft or missile within a 150 kilometer radius.

It should be noted that the Barak MX allows the management of three types of interceptors of the Barak family of IAI, in this case the Barak-MRAD which is a single-pulse rocket engine. It is supposed to intercept missiles up to ranges of 35 kilometers. The Barak-LRAD also features a double-pulse rocket engine that can intercept missiles up to distances of 70 kilometers, and finally the Barak-ER rocket engine as well as an additional booster for a range of 150 kilometers.

It is a highly mobile system that allows the operator to defend a specific area against aerial threats. It can even be carried on ships, as the Indian Navy has done with the Barak MX. It is also accompanied by radars capable of detecting a target at distances of 470 kilometers“, specified the Iberian newspaper OKDIARIO.

According to the same sources, the Israeli company will supply the weapons of this type necessary for the European anti-missile shield project, promoted by Germany and in which the government of Pedro Sánchez has refused to participate while some fifteen European countries, in the midst of Russian challenge against Europe, have already signed a commitment to join the “european celestial shield“.

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