APS, or the art of imposture!

Decidedly, the spokesman of the khaki regime will stop at nothing. Making imposture a modus operandi, the Algerian press agency (APS) continues the hoaxes it serves to its “few” readers, without batting an eyelid!

Pulling out all the stops, the APS does not hesitate to disguise the truth, even falsify it, to continue to demonize Morocco, and in doing so, flatter the senile ego of the generals who pull the strings in the East.

Last find, for an agency in need of credibility, a “dispatch” which claims that Moroccan diplomacy would have suffered “a setback” in the Security Council on the Palestinian question.

For the uneducated who believe it, it can pass (and again!), but for any sensible person, well aware of the mysteries of CS, the role played by the Kingdom, the credibility it enjoys there, but above all everything Morocco does for Palestine is disinformation and pure propaganda.

No one is fooled anymore, which the khaki diet seems to ignore (or pretend to). Nobody believes any longer in the desperate attempts and the crude and suicidal shenanigans initiated by Algeria in order to continue to put its people to sleep, to make them swallow the snake of the external enemy and to give them the illusory impression that they have a state, institutions, and a diplomacy (?) that can garner success.

As usual, the APS resorts to untruths and the distortion of realities.

It is indeed Algeria which, once again and according to the testimonies of diplomats and journalists on the spot, has tried everything to derail a meeting in favor of the Palestinian cause, of which it is gargling all the winds, by the way. , because of a pathetic jealousy, a pathetic hatred towards Morocco.

The reason given by the permanent representative of Algeria to the United Nations, Nadir Larbaoui, for not adhering to the Arab position, essentially relates to the references made to the action of the Al Quds Committee, chaired by King Mohammed VI.

And yet it is quite the opposite that the APS advances, ignoring the passage of diplomatic notes that can easily be consulted, and claiming that neither the Group of Arab countries, nor that of Islamic Cooperation, and even less the Group non-aligned countries have deemed it useful to include in their respective draft declarations any reference to the Al-Quds Committee.

One could not invent a grosser lie or a more obvious distortion of realities, to try to justify what can only be called “betrayal” of the Palestinian cause, which has been deprived, because of the Algerian complexes, of the support of the two third of the members of the United Nations.

The real truth, reported by diplomats and relayed by an international press, much more serious and more credible, reveals something quite different, namely that several versions of the speeches of these three groups, contained references praising the role of the Al Quds Committee and of his presidency.

The true truth is that no country, neither Arab, nor Islamic, nor of the NAM supported the Algerian thesis, several countries having insisted on maintaining the mentions of the Al Quds Committee.

It was Algeria, blinded by its failures and its isolation on the international scene, accentuated by the successes enchained by Morocco, which insisted that any reference to the Al Quds Committee and its president be deleted, even if it means losing to Palestine a golden opportunity to display before the Security Council a consensus in favor of its cause.

And that, the APS can not say, because it is not seller. But as the other would say, “the mask of lies, even well worn, does not stop the truth”.

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