Algiers interweaves the crampons of politics and sports

“Free free Palestine“ & “Let us not forget the last colony of Africa: Western Sahara” chanted the so-called grandson of the late Nelson Mandela, Zwelivelile Mandela, during the opening of CHAN 2023 in addition to the ceremony of Baptism in honor of Nelson Mandela of the Baraki stadium in the south-east of Algiers.

The stadium now bears and in substance the name of his ancestor Nelson Mandela if ancestor he is. Indeed, Madiba having had so many false or true descendants, it is by birth and date that this is signified. Also we know nothing of the descendants of the man for the circumstance. But that is not our subject. Whether or not he attends this event is his absolute right.

Only to attack Morocco, by haranguing us in this way and qualifying the Kingdom as a “country of occupation”, is another debate. This amounts to a declaration of war against the Kingdom. To begin with, we are in a sporting competition, the CHAN in this case, and intertwining the crampons of politics and sport is not very fair play coming from the seed of Nelson Mandela who must undoubtedly return to his grave.

To wonder how politicizing a football competition can help one cause or another. Moreover, by cynically cultivating the amalgam between the Palestinian cause and the ghostly “rasd”, which is none other than the bastard offspring of the senile and child-bearing regime of Algiers, nothing is helped at all to the cause. But it is true, on the other hand, that petrodollars are good for saying anything, anytime and anywhere, as long as we pay with the arrears of gambling debts and other narcotics. . Certainly, it is relieving to willingly allow such remarks.

Also, sing as much as you can, you interest us! So here it is, once again, theAlgeria is still taking advantage of a sporting competition to attack Morocco through its darling little doggies. During the opening of the African Nations Championship (CHAN) on Friday evening, which neither the president with the unpronounceable name nor his sponsor who always wears his clothes, the famous Corporal Chengriha, did not deign to attend, it is their “apprentice” of service, lhe Algerian Prime Minister, Ayman Benabderrahmane, who received FIFA President Gianni Infantino and CAF President Patrice Motsepe in the grandstand of a stadium renamed “Nelson Mandela” and behind an armored glass curtain. Yes!

This shows the importance of football in the East of Eden and the reigning security in Algeria. We don’t tell you about the very solemn photo that quickly went around the web, caused a stir among Moroccan Internet users and if we wrap it up with the words of the son to his father from his grandfather (when a Mandela hunts another), we can say without shuddering that this has provoked strong reactions in social networks as much in Morocco, whose team was prevented from participating in this edition of CHAN due to disputes with the schizo regime of capos of Algiers, than in Algeria. On both sides, these official attitudes and the words of the warmaker have been described as “provocation” and “lack of respect” towards both the Moroccan people and Africa.

The Moroccan national team was declared persona non grata at “CHAN 2023” in Algeria due to the prohibition made by the organizing country to allow it to go to Constantine, by the artists of the Muppet show made in Algeria. yet it enhances when you move to defend your title, uh! pardon his two consecutive titles in this competition scheduled from January 13 to February 4, 2023. The Algerian authorities have not given in this, their agreement authorizing the flight of the national team via “Royal Air Maroc” to go to Constantine.

For CAF and FIFA, which have lived through all the ups and downs of this adventure, which football had no need of, it is a challenge to be taken up against any instrumentalization of football for the political purposes of this dear competition and which three countries have withdrawn, Uganda, Cameroon and Morocco, not to mention Egypt and Tunisia, which did not see any kind of importance in participating. All of this has the merit of revealing the horrible face of a morally failing, schizo and, moreover, adrift regime.

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