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The Algerian regime may indulge in diplomatic convolutions to disguise its current crisis with Russia, it fails to camouflage the enormous challenges posed by its support for Vladimir Putin’s war machine.

Two recent indications reveal the immense embarrassment of the Algerian regime with regard to Moscow. The first is the cancellation, in great confusion, of the joint military maneuvers between Algeria and Russia on the border with Morocco which were planned last November. The second is the postponement indefinitely, and with great discretion, of the visit of the Algerian President, Abdelamajeed Tebboune, to Moscow, also scheduled for last December.

These two Algerian concessions are not the result of chance. They are the consequences of unprecedented American pressure on the Algerian regime. This pressure was made on two levels.

The first takes place through the unprecedented meeting between the American ambassador in Algiers, Elisabeth Moore Aubin, with the boss of the Algerian army, Saïd Changriha. During this famous meeting, which has remained in the diplomatic annals as an enormous oddity, the message was passed that America takes a very dim view of the presence of Russian soldiers on the border with Morocco.

The second level was done through a resounding letter sent by the Republican Senator, Marco Rubio, to the Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, asking that sanctions be adopted against the Algerian regime to punish it for its gigantic purchases of weapons that help finance Vladimir Putin’s war machine in Ukraine.

Later, senators, Republicans and Democrats, supported this request with the State Department, the White House and the American Congress, putting the Algerian regime in a dangerous line of American sights.

It was under this pressure from Washington that Algiers had to resolve to cancel both the joint military maneuvers with Russia and Tebboune’s visit to Moscow. In his recent interviews, the Algerian president maintains the illusion of his next visit to Russia, without much conviction except to evoke this no less illusory posture of non-aligned overtaken by the new political deal.

The tensions between Algiers and Moscow are not limited to the military domain and the purchase of armaments. Gas is also at the heart of this showdown. Vladimir Putin’s strategy has been since the beginning of this war, thought on a cardinal idea: To deprive the European countries of its gas and its oil to bring their economies to their knees and force them to negotiate a peace under these conditions.

In seeking an alternative to Russian gas, European countries have turned, among other things, to Algerian gas. And Algiers found itself in a political stalemate. Or support the military strategy of its Russian ally by refraining from selling its gas to Europe to make the Russian policy of deprivation and encirclement succeed, or supply European countries with its gas to help them circumvent and defeat Vladimir Putin’s strategy towards them.

Faced with European and American pressure, the Algerian regime had to drop its Russian ally in its gas battle. This attitude will undoubtedly leave traces on the famous military and political alliance woven over the decades between Algiers and Moscow.

Even with regard to the Russian paramilitary Wagner forces which destabilize the interests of Westerners in Africa, the Algerian regime fails to formulate a clear condemnation, instead showing a deaf complicity with Russian military designs in the Sahel region.
Abdelmadjid Tebboune had this sentence in the direction of Mali which caused a lot of ink to flow without being a firm condemnation of Wagner: “The money that this presence costs would be better placed and more useful if it went to the development of the Sahel” .

This heap of contradictions traps the Algerian regime in a political trap where it will find it difficult to continue to play both sides without undergoing a costly sequence of truth and clarification.

What appears clearly through this crisis is that the Algerian regime has lost the esteem of Russia without gaining the confidence of Americans and Europeans who perceive it as an uncertain country, unworthy of having the status of ally. . This will accentuate his loneliness and isolation.

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