After the government, Ouahbi released by the PAM

While the government has so far keep your distance” with the scandal of the written examination of aptitude for the exercise of the profession of lawyer, involving the Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Ouahbi, the party headed by the latter, the PAM, has in a way done the same.

During a meeting held on Monday evening, the political bureau of the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM), did not express its ” solidarity » with its secretary general, tainted and its department of Justice, in the scandal of the results of written examination of aptitude to the exercise of the profession of lawyer.

Indeed, in a press release, the political office of the PAM has “ condemned the relentless campaign whose party leadership is exposed from time to time, and which is carried out “, according to them, ” by opponents and certain known and unknown parties who use vile and immoral methods “.

Without citing the Ouahbi affair, the political office of the PAM continued that this ” fierce campaigning has ranged from discussing the decisions and actions taken by party ministers in the areas they oversee, to invading their privacy, insulting and defaming their family members , and settling narrow political scores by spreading rumors (…) and lies about the unity of the party and the consistency of its leadership and bases “.

Thus, the political office of the WFP affirmed in its press release its “ absolute solidarity with the leaders of the party”without quoting the SG of the party in particular, noting that “ these tendentious campaigns will not discourage them from implementing the reforms that are in the interest of the citizens “.

If the political bureau of the PAM did not cite the scandal of Ouahbi and the examination of the lawyers, it is because it is not about the first affair which affects the leaders of the party. Indeed, the Minister of Youth, Mehdi Bensaid, was affected by the affair of the rapper El Grande Toto, Abdellattif Miraoui, Minister of Higher Education, was strongly criticized for his management of the sector, in particular the file of Moroccan students from Ukraine.

As for the government, it is radio silence. Mustapha Baitas, government spokesman, twice avoided answering questions related to the Minister of Justice during the press conference after the Council of the Government, specifying that the case concerns the Ministry of Justice. Justice …

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