Achraf Hakimi's welcome, or when the party is ruined by poor organization

The poor preparation and the very approximate and messy organization of the reception reserved for the Moroccan international, Achraf Hakimi at Ksar El-Kébir, spoiled what was to be a party eagerly awaited by the ” Kesraouis“, and supposed to give another image of this city in the North of the Kingdom.

Communicated schedules not respected, lack of security staff, lack of communication and to top it off, the welcome given to Achraf Hakimi in his mother’s hometown, in tribute to his historic achievement with the Atlas Lions in Qatar , turned sour.

Supposed to arrive at 3 p.m. (as announced by the City of Ksar El-Kébir at the Achraf Hakimi Stadium), where the public was impatiently waiting for him, the right side of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) did not arrive there until 5 p.m. In the meantime, the public had already been waiting since 1 p.m. at the stadium, probably without anything to eat or drink.

As for journalists, no dedicated space has been devoted to them. Sometimes they were asked to stand on one side, sometimes on the other, “because Hakimi is coming in a few moments”these few moments that finally lasted 3 hours under the beating sun of Ksar El-Kébir.

Finally arrived at the stadium, Hakimi was very happy to meet the Kesraoui public who cheered him and shouted his name. But the situation quickly degenerated, the few security officers mobilized on occasion having been overwhelmed. Unleashed, the public wanted to follow their champion inside the stadium, which forced the authorities to close the doors, blocking several journalists outside, and therefore unable to do their job.

Once inside the stadium, the public was happy to see the Moroccan international, but very unhappy with his leaders, and he did not hide it! Apparently having a score to settle with city officials, the audience gave a long boo to one of the city leaders trying to speak. ” Chouha, Chouha, Chouha » replaced the “Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” reserved for Hakimi.

In short, the Kasraouis were happy to see their hero, but did not fail to send a few messages, taking advantage of the chaos that marked this “disorganized” organization.

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