Abraham Accords: A delegation of US senators visiting Morocco

A bipartisan delegation consisting of five US senators who are members of the Abraham Accords Caucus will visit Morocco, among other places, during these two days, with the aim of strengthening regional integration and cooperation.

U.S. Senators Jacky Rosen and James Lankford, co-founders and co-chairs of the Senate Abraham Accords Caucus, announced that they are leading a five-senator, bipartisan delegation to visit Abraham Accords member countries, including Morocco, Israel, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Senators Rosen and Lankford will be joined by Senators Kirsten Gillibrand, Michael Bennet, Dan Sullivan, Mark Kelly and Ted Budd.

By visiting these countries, senators will see first-hand how the Abraham Accords have led to unprecedented regional integration and cooperation, and they will discuss ways to strengthen and expand these Accords to other countries.

The historic Abraham Accords transformed the Middle East, paving the way for unprecedented cooperation and normalization between Israel and its Arab partners“Senator Rosen said. ” The Accords are already contributing to the economies of the four countries and helping them work together to deal with Iran. My colleagues and I look forward to meeting senior government officials, business leaders and civil society organizations to discuss how we can strengthen the relationships fostered by the Accords and expand them to new countries.“, she added.

As we continue to work for peace, my colleagues and I will continue to work with our allies in the Middle East. This time will be valuable for members of the Senate Caucus on the Abraham Accords as we continue to strengthen relationships across the region through reconciliation and shared goals.“Senator Lankford said.

He pursues: ” In the days ahead, we will continue to bring the nations together for the future of the national interest of the United States and for our allies“.

Of note, Senators Rosen and Lankford, along with Senators Joni Ernst and Cory Booker, launched the Senate Abraham Accord Caucus last year to build on the success of the historic Abraham Accords, offering the opportunity to strengthen the Abraham Accords and encouraging partnerships between the countries that have already signed them.

Senator Lankford said he was optimistic ” when Morocco and Sudan joined the Accords a few weeks later, the concept of the Abraham Accords demonstrated that reconciliation between even more nations in the region was possible“.

I stand with Israel and for a lasting peace in the Middle East, alongside my colleagues, as we launch the Abraham Accords Caucus. We will seek peace by expanding and encouraging Agreements and we will set an example for other nations who desire peace“, concluded the co-founders.

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