A member of the Polisario reframed by the Ambassador of Morocco

A member of the Polisario militia sent by Algeria disrupted an AU meeting in South Africa by attacking the representative of the Kingdom. Insulting Morocco, its institutions and its symbols, the representative of the terrorist group operating from Algeria also attacked the Moroccan ambassador Mohamed Arrouchi.

A video showing the Moroccan ambassador, permanent representative of the Kingdom to the AU and the ECA-UN, in post for 5 years, losing his nerves at the end of a meeting, is currently making the rounds on social networks.

The Moroccan diplomat did not deserve to control himself in the face of a flood of insults of the most outrageous towards his person and towards Morocco and its symbols, before losing his temper and responding to him in anger.

All those present at a joint meeting of the Committee of Permanent Representatives of the AU and the Pan-African Parliament, organized at the end of December in Johannesburg, were shocked by the vehemence and violence of the insults carried by the Polisario member, so much so that the organizers had to cut him off.

Called Mohamed Yeslem Beissat, the man who was not even supposed to be present at the said meeting, spoke forcefully at the end of the conference only to insult the Moroccan ambassador and the Kingdom.

This is the third time that the individual has embedded himself in a meeting – thanks to Algeria – to create such situations. At no time did this illegitimate man speak of the theme of the meeting which dealt with cooperation between the Pan-African Parliament and the Committee of Permanent Representatives of the AU.

This third provocation was cleverly studied in such a way as to make the Moroccan official angry and film his reaction, press sources indicate.

Mohamed Arrouchi had spoken of the success of the Moroccan national team in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, taking them as an example to encourage Africa to bet more on youth.

His successful and warmly applauded intervention angered the member of the separatist militia who automatically insulted Morocco in front of a shocked audience.

The president of the African Union, present and incredulous, deplored this incident and such remarks against Morocco.

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