17.4% increase in 2022

The situation of companies in difficulty in Morocco is rather worrying. In 2022, the number of defaulting companies in Morocco reached 12,397, up 17.4% compared to 2021.

Indeed, according to the study carried out by the firm Inforisk, 99.2% of these failures concern very small businesses (TPE), while small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) represent 0.7% and large businesses (GE ) 0.1%.

The study explains that this increase is partly due to the low use of the safeguard procedure (barely 27 in 2022), noting that Moroccan companies are still ” weakly informed » existing preventive measures.

In addition, the study underlines that the share of safeguard procedures in failures in 2022 represents 0.25%, that of receiverships is 0.06%, while the share of judicial liquidations, dissolutions, cancellations and terminations in failures represent 99.69%.

The study reveals that the Casablanca-Rabat-Tangier axis is involved in nearly half of the failures (41%), Marrakech (7%), Fez (6%) and Agadir (4%), noting that 33% of the failing companies operate in the trade sector, 21% in real estate, 15% in building and public works (BTP) and 8% in transport.

For a failing company, the firm points out, 4 companies were created in 2022, while the creation of PM companies fell sharply compared to 2021, and the rate of progression of failures was “more important”.

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