World Cup: German channel compares Moroccan players to Daesh terrorists

The German media are still continuing their attacks on the Atlas Lions, which have begun, for different reasons, since the start of the 2022 World Cup matches in Qatar. This time, it is the turn of the Welt chain to make a very serious racist and unprofessional slippage by equating Moroccan players with members of the Islamic State.

In a defamatory report, motivated by racism and Islamophobia, the private German television channel Welt equated Moroccan players Ilias Chair, Zakaria Aboukhlal and Abdelhamid Sabiri with IS supporters in an attempt to smear the image and career of these young players.

The channel thus assured that “the photo of the Moroccan national team created irritation”, since this one “captures three players holding the Moroccan flag and pointing their index finger to the sky” and claimed that it is a “gesture that the so-called Islamic State has adopted” and “Islamic State fighters often use after conquests”.

The German presenter confidently adds that “we ignore if Moroccan players were aware of the meaning of this greeting” while broadcasting, alongside the photo of the three players, images of Daesh members posing with the same gesture, in order to associate them with terrorists.

This report, criticized by several media and Internet users, was considered as anti-Muslim propaganda, a racist act, aimed at spreading false information and sowing hatred against the Morocco team, the only Arab and Muslim team having managed to qualify for the semi-finals of the World Cup, won several times by Germany.

He shortened from the German channel was quickly chosen to damage the perfect image of these players who made the front page of the world’s media for not only having shone in the competition but showing the example of humility, respect and touched audiences for their family values.

The Welt chain sought to destroy all this positive aura around the Atlas Lions by associating them with terrorists simply because they are North African, Arab and Muslim, the perfect profile to fuel their shameful and serious racist propaganda.

This gesture, used by Muslims for several centuries, is a reminder of the oneness of God and an affirmation of faith, which the media acknowledges while affirming that it was ” appropriated by jihadists“.

These players made this gesture to remind that what they achieved was done by the grace of God. Raising your index finger to the sky is not only Muslim, it is universal, and Moroccan players are not the only ones to have used it after a victory.

Neymar, Messi, Giroud, the greatest football players in the world make this same gesture while being Christians, as a goal celebration and even during this 2022 World Cup, and they have never been compared with The Islamic State.

Welt is not the only channel to have attacked the players of the Moroccan national team. German newspaper Die Tageszeitung (TAZ) accused the Lions of being anti-Semitic after waving the Palestinian flag after the matches were over.

At first it seems childish and provocative (…) From a political point of view, the conflict (Israeli-Palestinian, editor’s note) is used to affirm a supposed Arab unity. As if Maghreb fans are in the same boat as Qatar’s ruling families“, he had indicated which affirms, by far, the racist drifts of the German media which seem more to seek controversy than to talk about sport.

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