World Cup: A Dutch cartoonist attacks Moroccans

A new controversy has sparked a wave of criticism on social networks. Dutch cartoonist Jos Collignon decided, on the same day of the Morocco-France match, to publish a controversial cartoon on Twitter showing two young “Moroccan” men with shaved hair stealing the World Cup from FIFA boss Gianni Infantino and fleeing by scooter.

How it should be done“, writes the cartoonist as a caption on his tweet, thus referring to how Morocco can win the cup. But that’s not all ! The Dutchman opted to replace the original star on the Moroccan flag with a Star of David, which further drowned him in a wide wave of criticism from, in particular, Moroccans with Dutch nationality.

Forty million Moroccans partying around the world, but Jos and de Volkskrant reduce them to scooter thieves“, denounced, Abdelkarim El Fassi, Moroccan producer and director. ” Lazy, stigmatizing and stereotypical“, tweets the assistant professor of Leiden, Miko Flohr”.

Several internet users called the drawing “shameful”, “weak” and “stigmatising”: “ Star of David on the alleged Moroccan flag? Now, if you had drawn hearts, it could be true. This tends to be an antisemitic cartoon“, “ Dude, why is that funny? What owns you when you take something as positive as Morocco’s historic success story and embed a racist stereotype as nasty as ‘scooter thief’? And then don’t even look closely at the flag. Sneaky picture, man“, are some comments from netizens.

Many have asked themselves the same question. And draw the Moroccan flag with a Star of David… ? “before specifying that this gesture constitutes a” easy ignorance or provocation“. Very dissatisfied, users point to the cartoonist: “ Jos, whatever you meant by that, it’s not funny, it doesn’t pass, it’s not funny, it’s stigmatizing and really sucks“.

The same goes for a Moroccan Internet user who comments on the publication and regrets that this kind of behavior still exists: “ Cheer. Instead of doing something original, you opt for a stigma that Moroccans have suffered from for decades. Instead of connecting, you choose polarization. Why not a cartoon on the great performance of the Moroccan team. Can’t we see her like that?“, she wondered.

And then we are all surprised that these fantastic players with a +Dutch touch+ choose Morocco, that the successful Moroccan-Dutch pursue their careers outside the Netherlands and that the +desperate youngsters+ spoil everything? You have now established the cause“, she decides.

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