World AIDS Day celebrated under the sign of the fight against inequalities

December 1 each year marks World AIDS Day. The day of 2022 is celebrated in Morocco under the sign of the fight against inequalities.

With the slogan “Let’s fight against the inequalities that hinder progress to end AIDS”, the opportunity is thus offered to encourage the strengthening of the availability, quality and compliance of health care services to fight against stigmatization and exclusion linked to HIV infection.

A press release from the Ministry of Health and Social Protection (MSPS) specifies that this celebration is part of the National Strategic Plan for the Fight against AIDS 2023, which aims to put Morocco on the path to the eradication of the epidemic by 2030, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

According to estimates, the combined efforts of the MSPS and its partners made it possible in 2021 to screen 83% of people with HIV.

In this context, adds the ministry, in addition to access to testing services which is free, people living with HIV are fully supported at the level of the structures of the ministry in respect of equity and human rights.

Thus, it is emphasized, the HIV prevalence rate remains low, hovering around 0.08%, remaining higher for the vulnerable key population. About 23,000 people, including 830 recently infected, are living with HIV in Morocco.

The measures put in place have made it possible to multiply by 4.5 the number of people with HIV receiving antiretroviral treatment between 2011 and 2021, i.e. an increase in coverage from 24% to 80% in 35 referral centers for the care of people living with HIV. with HIV, with a national offer of 14 laboratories equipped for the diagnosis and biological monitoring of these patients.

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