What contribution for the pharmaceutical industry?

The Moroccan Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry and Innovation (FMIIP) organized, this Thursday, December 8, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, the 4th edition of its traditional Pharma Day, around the overhaul of the national health system.

Initiated in partnership with the CGEM and the Cheikh Zaïd Foundation, Pharma Day 2022 offered senior officials, pharmaceutical industry experts and health policy specialists present to dissect the development levers of the local pharmaceutical industry. as part of the strengthening and reform of the national health system.

” Lhe pharmaceutical industry has demonstrated its full potential during Covid-19, where we were able to obtain drugs without problems in Morocco. We have a lot of development opportunities of this industry“, indicated on this occasion Chakib Alj, president of the CGEM.

He specifies in a declaration to MoroccoLatestNews, that “ the royal project of social security is important and must be accompanied, so that this sector can develop, by training for managers and to be able to have specialized people“.

According to Chakib Alj, ” he faut also that we have national preference in calls for tenders so that we can further develop our industry. There is also the opportunity of the investment charter which will allow this sector to benefit in the context of research and development which covers 300 million dirhams per year. and targets these innovative sectors“.

I think the export potential for this sector is promising. Now, we have to put all these synergies in place to be able to make all of this a reality.“, he believes.

For his part, Mohamed El Bouhmadi, president of the FMIIP, told MoroccoLatestNews that “ the Federation organizes annual days to discuss subjects which interest the profession in general and which are of interest to medicine in particular and to citizens“.

Morocco is today at an important turning point in its history with the generalization of universal social coverage but also with the reform of the health system and today the theme is to debate on the local pharmaceutical industry, how to strengthen it, how to make it sustainable and how it can fully play its role in the success and sustainability of universal social coverage“, he indicated.

It should be noted that the strategic vision of the FMIIP, to contribute to the reform of the national health system, revolves around the support of local manufacturing through the establishment of public action levers, the promotion of drugs produced locally and the development of a proactive policy for generic drugs.

The second axis is based on the optimization of the regulatory process by advocating for the creation of the National Medicines Agency, by setting up differentiated treatment flows and by strengthening human, technical and financial resources.

This strategy over the next five years aims in particular to create an ad-hoc export platform from Moroccan territory allowing its positioning as an African hub to develop an African pole of pharmaceutical and vaccine innovation as well as partnerships. It relies on the contribution to the promotion of the “Made in Morocco” product and the development of a training ecosystem.

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