What are the stakes of a third place for the Atlas Lions?

Defeated by France in the semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup, Morocco will seek the bronze medal by finding their first opponent in the competition, Croatia for what is described as “a small final”. This fateful match will allow the Atlas Lions to win a historic third place. A meeting not without challenges which will bring a lot sportingly and economically.

FIFA ranking, revenue, bronze medal, why is this third place important?

A leap in the FIFA rankings

Thanks to its global career, Morocco, which has overcome Belgium, Canada, Spain and Portugal, is provisionally 11th in the FIFA rankings after having held 22nd place.

Officially, the ranking will be published by FIFA after the global competition. If Morocco wins its match against Croatia, it will be able to position itself in 8th place, thus making a historic entry into the top 10.

On the continental side, Walid Regragui’s men will dethrone Senegal to take first place, thus becoming the first African nation in the ranking.

A significant financial reward

In addition to the sporting aspect, the winner of this meeting will return with a substantial jackpot which will allow the Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) in the event of Morocco’s victory, to record significant revenue.

Thus, during the small final too, the jackpot varies according to the result. The third in the World Cup will earn him 27 million dollars (25.4 million euros), “only” two less than the second. The loser will benefit from his side of 25 million dollars (23.5 million euros). The small final is therefore worth two million dollars, a significant sum for the two federations.

A game without pressure, an opportunity for substitutes to shine

Matches for third place often offer great encounters, better than the finals. This is the case of the high-flying duels between Germany and Uruguay (3-2) in 2010, between Germany and Portugal (3-1) in 2006, or the incredible Turkey-Korea South (3-2) in 2002.

Indeed, playing a low-stakes match, the two teams play liberated. In addition, this match is an opportunity to rotate the squad, and offer playing time to the usual substitutes who have an exposure window to prove their know-how to the world.

For Walid Regragui, who suffers from many absences including those of Romain Saiss, Nayef Aguerd or Youssef En-Nesyri, this would be an opportunity to give a chance to those who remained on the bench such as Ilias Chiar, Bilal El Khanouss, Yahya Jabrane or Anas Zaroury.

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