We are here to thwart the predictions

Walid Regragui spoke at a press conference on the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup which will oppose Morocco to Portugal on Saturday, December 10. The Atlas Lions coach does not want to change his tune and believes that his team will be difficult to beat, with the aim of thwarting predictions and statistics.

Asked about the difficulty of beating Portugal, considered one of the favourites, Walid Regragui declared in a press conference that his team will be difficult to beat and that his players will give their all to write history again.

“At this stage of the competition everyone analyzes everyone. We have our weak points and we focus on what we know how to do. We will try to put a plan in motion to create the surprise. We try to improve with every game. Portugal are the favorites and we are the little pebble in the shoe. My speech is not going to change, we are going to be difficult to beat”he said, before mentioning the support of the Arab and African people.

We first represent the Moroccan people and then the Arab and African people. We feel all the positive energy that emanates from both Arab and African supporters,” added the Atlas Lions coach.

Regarding injuries, Walid Regragui said that “At the start of the competition we had a lot of injuries and illnesses. Not everyone is 100%. Nayef Aguerd, we will wait until tomorrow to decide. But we have 26 players, if we have an injury, another will come in and give everything for the team. Dari, Banoun, Yamiq can do the job”.

“No matter who comes in, we’re going to give our all and we won’t have any excuses. Whoever will return will give the maximum whether it is Nayef Aguerd if he can play or another. In the spirit, the players are 100%”, he adds.

“The euphoria has passed. We want to win against Portugal. What we have done is good, but going further is better. We’re not on our cloud yet, we haven’t done anything. We just thwarted a few predictions, Xg’s and all the Harvard stuff..” says the coach.

Saying he is happy with the feedback on the course of the Atlas Lions and the support of the supporters, Regragui does not forget the essential: victory above all.

“The selection must bring together all Moroccans. At one point, we were divided. If we were able to bring our people together around football, that’s good. It’s better than trophies or money. But we didn’t just come to make people happy. We want to win,” he said.

Regarding the criticism of certain media on the way Moroccans play against Spain, the former WAC replied: “We ran a lot against Spain. I was criticized for leaving the ball to Spain. No one can take possession from this team. I did not understand the criticisms of the European press on the way of playing of Morocco”.

“They would have preferred us to take the ball and cry at the end maybe. Tomorrow, we will play the same way but we will not leave the ball completely. We have our plan to put them in difficulty inchallah ”, he added.

Regragui wanted to recall that Morocco faced the strongest nations of this World Cup and managed to make the difference. A strong speech to erase doubts around Mountakhab’s chances of overcoming Portugal.

“We are going step by step. We want to go down in history with our mentality, our playing qualities. It’s a great challenge. We only faced big teams. No one will be able to talk about us after that (…) We don’t forget where we come from. We are the underdog. We are solid, to score against us is complicated. And we have talent offensively. The day we are going to ignite in this competition, we will make a mistake and we will take the door”, he concludes.

See you on Saturday, December 10 at 4 p.m.

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