Waze will have a function to identify roads at risk of accidents

The Waze route assistance application is testing a new option to make driving easier for its users. In beta version for the moment, the new feature allows drivers to be notified of the presence of roads with the most accidents.

The new feature is expected to warn motorists of road hazards by notifying them of roads where accidents have often been reported by users, based on a user-participatory approach.

Called Black Spot Alert, this feature will make the roads concerned appear in red on the navigation map.

Waze intends to display all accident-prone roads in red accompanied by a pop-up notification that will only be displayed once so as not to create anxiety among motorists who could be afraid or stressed when arriving on the road in question. .

Tested in beta version and only in Israel for the moment, if the experiment is a success, the service could be modeled on the roads of several countries.

For the moment, no such information is available but one thing is certain, the application will rely on user notifications to identify these places.

It will be necessary for several users to report the presence of accidents on the roads and for these reports to be numerous and it is only in this way that the road will be classified as dangerous by the application.

The date of entry into service of this novelty is not known or when users will have to update their application.

However, this is the first novelty since the merger of the Waze teams with Google Geo, which includes Google Maps, Earth and Street View.

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