US lawmakers want to ban TikTok

Three US parliamentarians have submitted a bill to ban the social network TikTok in the United States, the objective being to “block and prohibit all operations” of the Chinese video application in the United States.

The introduction of the bill comes as several states led by Republican governors have introduced restrictions on the use of TikTok on government-owned devices.

In the past two weeks, at least seven states have introduced such measures, including Maryland, South Dakota and Utah.

FBI Director Christopher Wray recently expressed concern about the Chinese app’s security risks to the country.

“We have national security concerns about TikTok,” Wray told the House Homeland Security Committee.

Wray said the Chinese government could use the app to control the data or software of millions of users, warning about the platform’s recommendation algorithm, which determines which videos users see next.

“Under Chinese law, Chinese companies are basically required to do whatever the Chinese government wants them to do in terms of sharing information,” the FBI director said.

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