Unable to do so, the municipality activates sanitary measures

The poultry wholesale market located in the Hay Mohammadi district in Casablanca continues to pollute and threaten the health of the inhabitants. While we had promised to transfer him to Oulad Azzouz, around Nouaceur, or to Douar Laâsilat, commune of Lakhyayta, now the Casablanca City Council has found no other solution than to issue a decision which falls within the framework of the health security of the people who frequent this market.

The city of Casablanca, as well as the development company in charge of managing the market, failed to transfer the poultry wholesale market located in Hay Mohammadi, despite promises made to the inhabitants of the district.

Instead of looking for solutions to get out of the environmental crisis, the city of Casablanca decided to apply the municipal decision n°3/2014, prohibiting the use of wooden crates for the transport of chickens, replacing them with plastic or iron crates, in addition to the ban on the sale of turkeys.

Thus, the municipality underlined, through the intermediary of the company in charge, that “ this case is part of its concern for the health security of the guards of the poultry market, and in application of the health and preventive conditions “.

The President of the City Council of Casablanca, Nabila Rmili, called on all traders, professionals and pioneers of the poultry market to adhere to and respect this procedure, in order to preserve the safety and health of citizens.

On the other hand, the elected officials of the Hay Mohammadi district were surprised by this action, at a time when the municipality of Casablanca was to discuss the means of transferring the wholesale poultry market, which represents the black point of the metropolis.

The same elected officials considered, in statements to MoroccoLatestNewsthat this market constitutes an environmental disaster par excellence, and a stain on the forehead of the City Council, which requires accelerating its transfer and saving the population from the disastrous situation it is going through.

MoroccoLatestNews learned that the poultry wholesale market monitoring committee has not held any meeting on the subject, despite the passage of a year since the election of the City Council.

As a reminder, this transfer of the poultry wholesale market was decided in July 2019, as part of a partnership between the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Waters and Forests, on the one hand, and the municipality of Casablanca, Casa Prestations, as well as the locality Oulad Azzouz and the Interprofessional Federation of the poultry sector (FISA) on the other hand.

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