UN warns of 'worrying and dangerous' military escalation in Syria

The United Nations has warned of a “worrying and dangerous” escalation in Syria, stressing that the country needs to focus more on the political process to end the current crisis.

“Syria needs less military activity and needs to focus more on the political process,” UN special envoy for that country Geir Pedersen told a Security Council meeting.

Pedersen said he feared that the intensification of military operations would end the “strategic paralysis” in the war that has brought relative calm for nearly three years.

“In repeated briefings, I have warned of the dangers of a military escalation in Syria. I am here in person today to tell you that an escalating dynamic is underway, and it is worrying and dangerous,” he warned.

The UN official said the international organization continues to work with stakeholders to promote “step-by-step confidence-building measures” towards a Syrian-led political process.

For his part, UN humanitarian chief Martin Griffiths told the Security Council that more and more Syrians need help each year to survive.

“We expect to see an increase in the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance. From 14.6 million this year to more than 15 million in 2023,” he said, adding that recent hostilities in the north of the country have had a detrimental impact on civilians and critical civilian infrastructure.

In this regard, he said that northern Syria continues to face a water crisis caused by factors such as insufficient rainfall, severe drought conditions, damaged water infrastructure and low water levels. water in the Euphrates.

Soaring global food prices have also hit Syrians hard, who are “struggling to put food on the table as another harsh winter looms, with millions of families living in tents”, it said. again deplored the head of humanitarian action at the UN.

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