Threats to the Arab region are sometimes attributable to the policies of certain Arab countries towards others

The threats of insecurity and instability hanging over the Arab region are sometimes attributable to the policies and attitude displayed by certain Arab countries towards others, underlined King Mohammed VI.

In a speech addressed to the 1st Sino-Arab Summit, which is being held on Friday in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, the Sovereign affirmed that for “To ward off these numerous dangers, it is absolutely necessary to observe the rules of good neighbourliness, to respect the national sovereignty of States and their territorial integrity, to guard against any interference in their internal affairs”.

“We proudly underline the concern of the friendly People’s Republic of China to support the Arab region in its quest for security and stability, to help it overcome the crises it faces and to mitigate their effects”continued the King, noting that this position reflects the wisdom and weightedness of Chinese diplomacy which allow it to reconcile antagonistic conceptions through the virtuous recourse to dialogue.

“It is, in fact, the surest way to put an end to the turbulence and uncertainties that are rife in certain brotherly Arab countries”writes the Sovereign in His speech, which was read by the Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch.

Referring to the Palestinian question, the Sovereign indicated that “China’s constant support for the just Palestinian cause constitutes a valuable international achievement on which we must capitalize in order to reach a just and lasting settlement” of this issue, in accordance with the relevant resolutions of international legality, first and foremost those relating to Al-Quds Al-Sharif.

“In this context and in Our capacity as Chairman of the Al-Quds Committee, We highly appreciate China’s unwavering support for the preservation of the legal and historical status of the Holy City and its position against any unilateral decision which would undermine efforts to revive the peace process, remove the Al-Quds file from the negotiations agenda and exclude it from the final status issues”remarked the King.

And to add that “This could heighten tensions and further aggravate the situation, as we seek with peace-loving souls to create the conditions for peace to prevail and for Palestinians and Israelis to return to the negotiating table.”

The Sovereign also affirmed, on this occasion, that the holding of this first historic Summit constitutes a major turning point in the solid relations that China and the Arab world have traditionally cultivated.

“It is also a new stone that is brought to their unshakable edifice”, estimated the King.

This Summit is an opportunity, according to the Sovereign, to explore the future prospects of an exceptional founding partnership, especially since “We make sure to give it a prominent place in the hierarchy of relations woven by our Arab region with its partners, whether countries, groups, regional or international organizations”.

“The Summit also allows us to highlight the civilizational significance of these historical links that have been woven all along the ancient Silk Road, thanks to dynamic human interactions, fruitful cultural mixing and mutual exchanges. beneficial »added the King.

These centuries-old relations are the result of cultural and civilizational interbreeding which have been maintained over the ages, observed the Sovereign, noting that they build a bridge between the past and the present and envisage the future under the sign of unceasing cooperation. renewed, the most emblematic illustration of which is the cooperation initiated between the two parties within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative.

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