The whole world congratulates Morocco

After the victory of our Atlas Lions in the quarter-finals against Portugal (1-0), thus securing a place in the semi-finals, congratulations rain down from all over the world.

After Fouzi Lekjaa, Elon Musk, the US Ambassador to Morocco, Puneet Talwar, congratulated Morocco on twitter with a comment: “ Another incredible victory for the Atlas Lions! Morocco is making history! Seer Seer Seer (go, go, go). Morocco in the final. #World Cup. Mabrouk »

Also, the President of the Republic of Senegal, Macky Sall, did not fail to congratulate, on twitter, our Atlas Lions and Morocco for this victory which will remain engraved in history. ” History! And Fantastic! The Atlas Lions have qualified for the semi-finals of the World Cup! Congratulations Morocco »he wrote.

German international of Turkish origin, Mesut Ozil, also expressed his pride in the Moroccan team and congratulated Morocco, the African continent and the Muslim world for this achievement.

Proud. Which team ! What an achievement for the African continent and the Muslim world. It’s great to see that such a fairy tale is still possible in modern football. It will give so many people so much power and hope“, he wrote.

The Lebanese singer, Georges Wassouf, also congratulated Morocco and the Atlas Lions on tweeter by posting very nice photos of Soufiane Boufal and her mother or even the joy of the Lions on the field after the match.

” Lorocco writes history. Congratulation. When the players kiss their mothers before celebrating victory, know that the destiny of this team is to succeed with the prayers of all Arabs“, he commented.

Gad El Maleh, our Moroccan humorist, is also getting into it on Instagram, where he shares an image of Walid Regragui, with the caption: ” Historical!!!!!! And it’s not over! How proud!!!!! Tears of joy ❤️🇲🇦❤️🇲🇦❤️ We’ll be with you until the end #dimaghrib
Cheer @equipedumaroc @lionsdelatlas @walid.regragui #dimaghrib
#the path “.

Colombian singer Shakira also wanted to congratulate the Moroccan selection for their achievement.

“This time for Africa,” she tweeted, her message accompanied by applause and the flag of Morocco.

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