The success of the Atlas Lions to put into practice politically

The parliamentary groups of the House of Representatives unanimously praised and noted the historic achievement of the national football team, our Atlas Lions during the 2022 World Cup which took place in Qatar.

Indeed, the Atlas Lions reached the semi-finals there, and during the session of oral questions on Monday, the parliament devoted an important slot to the glorious campaign of our “Atlas Lions” which were heroic on occasion. In this regard, Mohamed Ghiath, leader of the National Rally of Independents (RNI) party in the House of Representatives, said: The national team clearly assured on the ground thus defending with honor, the image of Morocco and Arab and African countries “, considering that” today we are unanimous in saying that the positive effects of the World Cup go beyond the football field”.

Ghiath further noted that “this success was an opportunity to highlight a set of Moroccan values, such as family values ​​and the place of the mother in the Moroccan family”, believing that“this is an opportunity to reconsider the Family Code, which is a royal and popular requirement as well”. The RNI MP called for the need to give special importance to Moroccans around the world, referring in this context to the sacrifices made by the Moroccan community in this global forum, and added, “I will not hide “Nia” (this strength of belief in one’s abilities) which is now part of the sports dictionary thanks to the national team coach, Walid Regragui“.

The president of the RNI group in the House of Representatives will say again that this state of mind “we must inculcate it in the political field” considering that this virtue“deny”is not a weakness,but rather a skill and perhaps another way of doing politics in our country“. For his part, MP Khalifa Majidi of the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM), hailed the “massive Moroccan, Arab and African gathering around the Atlas Lions, and the echoes of the wonderful and enthusiastic success he left during this Qatar 2022“. Majidi highlighted the sense of family and family cohesion as well as parental love, undeniable secrets of success.

For his part, Noureddine Moudiane of the Istiqlal group felt that “the historical epic of Qatar was full of lessons“. He backed up his claims in this regard with images of players honoring their mothers in the eyes of the world, a heartfelt expression of our nation’s high moral values. This is the express testimony of the status of the family, of the mother and the father in our traditions”. Moudiane added:We must preserve and build on these values ​​and promote them, as this is truly a worldwide tribute to all the mothers and fathers who gave birth to these heroes and many others.“.

MP Abderrahim Chahid of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces Party (USFP) said what the Moroccan national team has achieved is an unprecedented feat. Shahid felt that “planning and teamwork made it possible to achieve the set goal“, so he called for “work hard to restore the glories of Morocco in other sports, such as tennis, athletics and horse riding“.

Rachid Hamouni, Chairman of the Progress and Socialism Party group, also hailed the success of the Moroccan national team saying, “The Atlas Lions raised their heads high, honored Moroccan football with the highest distinction, they represented the national sport in the best way and hoisted high the Moroccan flag which flew in a world forum watched by billion people“.

Finally, MP Abdessamad Haiker of the Justice and Development Party (PJD) praised the values ​​expressed by Moroccan players, “including the honor of parents, prostration before God in the field and solidarity with Palestine“. In short, all of the elected members of the House of Representatives were unanimous in welcoming the performance of our Atlas Lions and in wanting to do the same at their level. That’s all the harm we can wish our parliamentarians for little “y dirou nia”. A good hearer!

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