the senility of Algiers gets bogged down in its fictitious mediations

The Algerian president, during a monologue granted to the Algerian media on Thursday, denied the existence of a Saudi, Kuwaiti, and other Turkish or Jordanian mission of good offices and who still knows, in the conflict between Algiers and Rabat.

The first senile chief of the Muppets show made in Algeria, currently cold with his second, nevertheless mentor, from his front-stage box even estimated that the crisis is such that there can be no question of mediation. ” You have to know one thing. In Algeria, the primacy of information goes to the Algerian people. If there was a mediation, I would have told the Algerian people. I won’t hide ithe replied. “I think the situation has gone beyond any attempt at mediation”. For the good man, the Algerians are firmly opposed to any approach to reconciliation, hence his end of inadmissibility.

In this regard, the president with the unpronounceable name indicated that he had not mentioned any mediation and any country, stressing that “the visit of the King of Jordan, Abdullah II, was like all the other visits of leaders who came to Algeria, except that there are always parties who pay into interpretations“. He even reassured his “people” finally the few Algerians who still follow him, about “that one could not put on the same pedestal the executioner and attack him”, except that it didn’t define who is who. He did not fail once again to recall the differences between our two countries.

In addition to the dispute over the Moroccan Sahara, of which for once he did not say a word, we will have come out of the disputes which have come, over the past two years, to be grafted onto this hot potato file for El Mouradia. Follow other looks… because without naming them and let’s have fun, the allusions could not be clearer: the Algerian president, in the name you know, if president he is, has thus accused Morocco of being at the origin of the fires that ravaged northern Algeria and particularly Kabylia during the summer of 2021, killing nearly a hundred victims.

He also accused Morocco of supporting the Movement for the Self-Determination of Kabylie (MAK), classified by Algiers as a terrorist organization. Should we ignore you, the resumption of relations between Morocco and Israel, as well as the visits of several Israeli officials to the kingdom that Algiers considered as direct threats to the security of Algeria. Finally, the ANP and decision-makers in Algiers regularly accuse Morocco of flooding their territory with cannabis. And we go from there and green and not ripe, like, remember, the fact of having stolen Mount Toubkal from the Aurès to place it in the High Atlas.

But these delusions are understandable in the light of capos-generals who consider the man as an error in the strategy of the other senile of service or abuse who watches over the good care of a country in his image, schizo and under Cocoon khaki. Indeed, in social networks, criticism is coming from everywhere, some of whom are known to carry the military voice. Certain clans within the generals displaying themselves and willingly to tarnish the image of the president with the unpronounceable name without any impunity whatsoever. Also this suggests that things are going from bad to worse between the two senile Muppets show made in Algeria. For us here-bled, ‘The show must go on’ and we are totally ready for the delicious sequence of events, with the Frog you never know!

But enough joking and no offense to Thierry, Morocco has therefore once again been invited to the periodic ‘debate’ or ‘periodic presidential interview’ at the East of Eden with the representatives of the ‘local state’ media of the neighboring country. Yet Algiers knows that Rabat considers that there is no need for a mediator between Morocco and Algeria.

Moreover, once again King Mohammed VI, with his outstretched hand, which Algiers still refuses, invited the Algerian president to Morocco. The latter does not want to hear it that way. This status quo situation is well suited to Morocco, which has full confidence in the UN and the Security Council to carry out our affairs.

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