The King of Jordan poses as a mediator in the Algerian-Moroccan crisis

King Abdallah II of Jordan is said to have offered his services to restore relations between Rabat and Algiers. The King of Jordan has pledged through a new initiative to bridge the “gap” if we want to say so, between Morocco and Algeria. It must be said that the Jordanian sovereign had succeeded for the first time in bringing Madrid and Algeria closer, by reaching a preliminary agreement in Algeria to reopen the Maghreb-European Union.

The King of Jordan is said to have insisted on a meeting between the Algerian President and King Mohammed VI, which should be held in Switzerland. The efforts of the “mediator” would have received the approval of the Algerian side. “We support King Abdullah’s mediation to reopen the Morocco-Spain gas pipeline (GME),” said an Algerian diplomat who requested anonymity.

King Abdallah II bin Hussein, sovereign of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, took advantage of his state visit to Algiers on December 3 and 4 to try to convince the Algerian leaders to accept a new mediation mission with Morocco led by Jordan. The Jordanian sovereign has, according to our sources, tried to persuade the Algerian president to accept an offer to relaunch dialogue with his Moroccan neighbor in order to put an end to a diplomatic and political war which greatly worries all the actors in the Arab world and Muslim.

Previously, the Hashemite sovereign had stopped in Cairo, where he obtained the support of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to mediate between Algeria and Morocco. It must be said that diplomatic relations between Rabat and Algeria were severed in August 2021. Since then, the mediations of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Mauritania have not been able to overcome the dispute. .

Abdullah II has made great efforts in the settlement process between the two countries. According to Spanish diplomatic sources, it seems that they are paying. Indeed, it is rumored that Algerian and Moroccan delegations should meet in a Swiss forum. An Algerian diplomat said recently, in press releases to the Spanish media “La Vanguardia”: “ We support King Abdullah’s mediation to reopen the Greater Middle East. I think it could happen very soon, and it would be a nice gesture to normalize trade relations with Spain“. Algeria, he added,“considers that by giving priority to its relationship with Morocco, Spain threatens its security”.

After the Arab League, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, here is Jordan offering its services as mediators to try to reconcile two “enemy” brothers in the Maghreb, namely Algeria and Morocco. But unlike previous mediation missions, King Abdullah II has proposed a roadmap that unfolds through several stages. Jordan seems to favor the economic aspect to obtain a relaxation of Algerian-Moroccan relations.

The Jordanian sovereign insisted on the need to relaunch the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline buried by the Algerian regime at the end of October 2021. Jordan aims to convince Algeria to unblock natural gas exports to Spain via Morocco, thus allowing Moroccans to resume a process of economic cooperation with Algeria while taking advantage of certain privileges such as preferential prices linked to the passage of natural gas via Moroccan territory.

In return, Algeria could regain its leadership on the gas market on the Iberian Peninsula and on the southern European market where Qatar and the United States are in the process of supplanting it with their LNG exports. King Abdallah II also suggested frank and direct talks between Algeria, Morocco and Spain regarding disputes related to the Sahara conflict.

The objective of this Jordanian mediation is to quickly lead to a resumption of diplomatic relations between Algeria and Morocco. If the presidency praised the good faith of Abdallah II, the fact remains that this Jordanian mediation did not really arouse the enthusiasm of the Algerian regime which formulated very strict demands to discuss any resumption of relations bilateral.

Recently, King Mohammed VI again invited the Algerian president to a “dialogue” in Morocco, for not being able to do so at the Arab League summit in Algiers last November. But in Al Mouradia, we still fear this meeting. That is to say the bellicose intention of Algiers.

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