The institutionalization of social dialogue, a major achievement for workers

The institutionalization of social dialogue is a great achievement for the working class and all Moroccan workers, said Sunday in Oujda, the general secretary of the General Union of Moroccan Workers (UGTM), Enaam Mayara.

During a communication meeting held with UGTM activists in the Oriental region, in the presence of central and regional officials from the union and the Istiqlal Party, Mayara noted that the collective agreement signed with the government on April 30 on the subject of social dialogue constitutes an important step towards the institutionalization of this dialogue, capable of guaranteeing the interests of Moroccan workers.

He indicated that the institutionalization of social dialogue has always been an important demand of the national trade union movement, in order to establish this dialogue on a solid basis and with a regular rhythm and to ensure its effectiveness and transparency, whether for questions linked to the private and public sectors.

Moreover, he considered that the preservation of employment constitutes a priority in the current international context, also calling for the support of the purchasing power of the citizens in the face of the rise in the prices of the various goods and services.

In a statement to the press, Mayara indicated that this communication meeting is the sixth in a series of regional meetings organized in all the regions of the Kingdom, with a view to informing the militants of the UGTM of the latest results of the social dialogue with the government, in an economic context marked by the global crisis and the effects of drought.

It is also a question of meeting activists and mobilizing them to take up the issues and challenges facing the Moroccan working class, he added.

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