The FAR Forum contradicts some information

The FAR-Morocco Forum wanted to rectify certain information on its Facebook page and erase statements that peddle, bad faith from a good “source” and hatred towards Morocco. Indeed, for more than twenty days, information relating to the absurd has been published here and there on certain sites, particularly Moroccan ones.

They have time to spread rumors that have no official character either directly or indirectly, FAR-Morocco tells us. They repeat to anyone who wants to hear them that Morocco has secretly delivered spare parts and T72 tanks to Ukraine, while Morocco observes a position of neutrality in the matter of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Morocco is forced to make concessions on the issue of supply (armament) to Ukraine “, had written on this subject a Moroccan media specialized in investigation.

“It was above all an opportunity, as revealed by Africa Intelligence recently, to discuss, in the greatest secrecy, the delivery by the kingdom of spare parts for T-72 armored vehicles to the Ukrainian army. “, indicated for its part the pan-African media, whose info was relayed.

He added that it was the United States that convinced Rabat to grant kyiv the order for spare parts for its Soviet T-72 tanks from the Czech Excalibur Army. In return, the media adds, Washington would have undertaken to financially compensate the FAR for the modernization of its American M1 Abrams tanks. An agreement that would mark a shift of Morocco in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

“Some media outlets have published information that has been recklessly reported by some Moroccan websites, questionably implicating the name of Morocco in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict,” the Forum Far-Maroc replied on its Facebook page reacting. to information according to which Morocco would have sent T72 tanks to be renovated in the Czech Republic.

Regarding the T72B tanks operating within the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), Morocco is unable to sell them or their spare parts to anyone. Quite simply because the maintenance, upgrade or other concerning these T72B tanks will be developed in Morocco and not in the Czech Republic, indicates the same source.

FAR-Morocco, recalls that the development of armored personnel carriers as well as its old T72 tanks acquired from the Czech Republic, and in particular from the company EXCALIBUR T72M, has been transferred to Morocco. The Kingdom having even obtained a few dozen of these tanks between 2021 and 2022 (the UN report on arms exchanges 2021 speaks of 14 tanks) against 40 advanced by the media.

And due to the strong pressure exerted on the company to deliver tanks to Ukraine, it was decided, after consultation with Morocco, that the technology should be transferred to carry out the development process, whether for the Moroccan fleet of T72B tanks or the new tanks acquired from the old Czech stock, in Morocco, provided that other weapons manufactured by the company are delivered to compensate for the delay.

The order, adds the forum, does not in any way constitute direct or indirect support for a party to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

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