The extreme right kills in France!

Huge shock in France on the eve of the end of year celebrations. A septuagenarian, former SNCF driver, known by French justice for his racist pedigree, draws his weapon and kills three Kurds and injures others. Terrible shock wave that runs through French society and highlights one of its most dangerous current flaws. Mass murderous racism.

Between the first reactions of the President, Emmanuel Macron, who speaks of a heinous attack which targeted the Kurdish community, and that of his Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, who evokes from the start the racist motivations of this violent act, confusion settles in people’s minds.

Were these people killed in the tenth arrondissement of Paris because they were Kurds or because they were simply foreigners? The focus on one or the other hypothesis influences the debate and the nature of its conclusions.

The fixation of the debate, initially, on the Kurdish community as the main victim of this racism, provokes an optical illusion which could make the economy of a real discussion on the rise of racism and xenophobia in France. The assassin of the rue d’Enghien in Paris, did not have a particularly antagonistic agenda with regard to the Kurds. We did not know that he had a foray into international issues where the Kurdish question is actively present.

This violent act is a simply racist act, resulting from an atmosphere where xenophobia is becoming dangerously commonplace. The arm that killed in cold blood has been armed ideologically by the far-right rhetoric of political parties that have been established in recent elections, and by media groups that have praised racism and exclusion of both their editorial line and their business from the other.

These parties and these media have succeeded in imposing on French society a kind of general anxiety, where the foreigner is the source of all evil, and where he becomes a moving target of the most murderous fantasies. They have knowingly developed a dangerous divide between the components of French society, voluntarily burying the general principles of living together, and preparing the French to look at and perceive themselves with violence.

There is a manifest embarrassment in recognizing that this heinous act is a coldly assumed racist act. There is an even greater difficulty in qualifying it as a terrorist attack like other types of violence of this nature. Recognizing it and giving it this qualifier is equivalent to looking for responsibilities in circles that blow on the embers and feed hatred in fragile minds… willing to take violent action. The challenge is to demand accountability with legal consequences for an arsonist posture whose purpose is this social violence of a terrorist nature.

Racism is already punishable by law. The incitement to hatred of the other through the creations of obsessive atmosphere on foreigners is not yet. And if there is a notorious development to expect from this drama, it is to see the pressure, which has been released on racist discourse, regain strength.

In France, the far right is not limited to amusing the electoral gallery and the media circus. The extreme right also kills in cold blood. The political consequences are enormous, starting with the return to the satanic box of political parties who believe they have succeeded in their transformation and acquired a respectability that eventually prepares them to govern.

The racist motive was therefore retained in this affair .. but is this for all that a will of the State to challenge the political and media promoters of this racism? While the question arises today of knowing how to reduce the volume of the noise of racist speech which prepares the minds for such steps and which offers an ideological guarantee to all hatreds.

The most distressing in this story is the conviction installed in many, like an alert, that this act which accidentally targeted the Kurds could tomorrow affect another component of French society. Hence the fear that the French reality nourished by armed racists could increasingly resemble the sad American model.

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