the current wave will have to end in the next few days

The current wave of Covid-19 will have to end in the coming days in Morocco to begin a new intermediate phase, the fifth since the start of the pandemic, which will generally be characterized by a low spread of the virus, the Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday. Health and Social Protection.

During a press briefing devoted to the presentation of the monthly report on the epidemiological situation for the month of December, the coordinator of the Ministry’s National Center for Public Health Emergency Operations, Mouad Mrabet, recalled that the country is experiencing a fifth small wave of massive spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which began in early November and peaked four weeks later, before the curve of new infections began to decline in early December.

He assured that the level of prevalence of the virus is currently considered low in five regions and medium in seven others, knowing that the red level was not reached during this wave, specifying that the Omicron variant remains dominant in Morocco. and in the world, the current wave being moved from the BQ.1 sub-variant and its sub-lineages. According to data from national reference laboratories for genomic tracking, he continued, BQ.1 and its strains constitute 91% and XBB.1 accounts for 4% while 5% is for other lineage subvariants. of Omicron.

Globally, Mouad Mrabet noted that the latest official data affirms the absence of a substantive discrepancy in terms of disease severity caused by the new strains compared to previous Omicron subvariants, unlike what is conveyed on social networks.

Data from the national epidemiological surveillance system confirm this observation, especially since the current wave is characterized in particular by a significant drop in the level of virulence and lethality, he argued, adding that only 49 cases were admitted to the services of resuscitation and intensive care, while 13 people died of complications from the disease, with a fatality rate equivalent to 0.2% and three times lower than the fatality index recorded during the first wave of Omicron (0 .6%).

As for the deaths, the average age of the cases was 65, all suffered from chronic diseases and immune deficiencies and none of them received the booster dose of the Covid vaccine, he said. -he says. Compared to the national vaccination campaign, the booster dose coverage rate reached 18.7%, while more than 57,000 people received the booster dose.

Therefore, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection calls on people with respiratory symptoms to wear a mask and cease all professional or social activities, while going to health facilities to undergo diagnosis and receive treatment. appropriate, especially since the current period is also characterized by the spread of seasonal respiratory viruses.

The ministry also reminds the elderly or people with chronic illnesses of the need to complete their vaccination regimen to boost their immunity against Covid-19.

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