The Competition Council receives members of the Center for Young Business Leaders

The President of the Competition Council, Ahmed Rahhou, recently received in Rabat the President of the Center for Young Business Leaders (CJD), at his request, as well as the members of the Centre’s national office.

During this meeting, the president of the CJD, Naoufal El Heziti, as well as the members of his national office, welcomed this meeting, which constituted an opportunity for the center, to expose on the one hand the values ​​and the spirit as well as the objectives of the movement and to express, on the other hand, the wish to better know the Competition Council as well as the rules of competition law, indicate the Council and the CJD in a joint press release.

For his part, Mr. Rahhou, recalled the main missions of this constitutional institution, as well as the vision driving its actions and its dynamics, stressing that the Competition Council adopts “a pragmatic approach based on listening and pedagogy in communication, while being vigilant, firm and rigorous in the exercise of its prerogatives”.

The aim is to help strengthen the rule of law in economic matters, to protect the interests of consumers and investors, by promoting free and fair competition allowing all components of the economic fabric, in particular small, medium and large businesses to companies, to be on the same equal footing in terms of rights and obligations, specifies the president, quoted in the press release.

The discussions also focused on aspects concerning upstream competition regulation, in particular the control of economic concentration projects which concern both large companies and SMEs. But also the advisory opinions issued by the Council which highlight the competitive functioning of a market and identify upstream the risks of distortions to competition, the press release indicates.

At the end of this meeting, the members of the national office of the CJD undertook to set up a commission dedicated to issues relating to competition law, with a view to promoting the rules and virtues of competition within their movement. , thus constituting a relay for all members at the national level and by disseminating communication tools aimed at raising awareness of the culture of competition.

As such, the guide to compliance with the rules of competition, drawn up by the Competition Council, will be distributed within the CJD to better immerse themselves in good practices in the field of competition law, the press release concludes.

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