The Algerian press attacks the Kingdom of Jordan

Algeria attacked the Kingdom of Jordan after an attempt at mediation with Morocco, revealed by the Spanish press. As usual, Algeria uses its media propaganda to avoid doing so officially and boasts of having refused attempts at mediation by “influential countries”.

After several attempts by the Arab monarchies to mediate to appease the unjustified Algerian resentment towards Morocco which finds its origin, “officially”, in the resumption of diplomatic relations with Israel, Algeria continues to play its game of misplaced pride. and this time tackles Jordan.

Algiers accuses Morocco of having reestablished its relations with Israel and threatens to go to war with it, has broken its diplomatic relations and accuses it of all the evils that affect the country internally, such as fires in Kabylie or again the aid supposedly given to opponents whom the regime of Abdelmadjid Tebboune has classified as “terrorists”.

This constant wave of hatred towards neighboring Morocco manifests itself at all levels, yet Algeria has not had the same attitude with other Arab countries having normalized their relations with Israel.

“The positions of the Kingdom of Jordan do not agree with those of Algeria on major issues, including the Sahrawi question”, indicates one of the official media of the Algerian regime, adding that “the Kingdom of Jordan is positioned as a spearhead against the Sahrawi people, and it contravenes the Algerian positions on this issue”.

Algeria, in fact, does not enjoy the support of any Arab country in its strategy of dispossession aimed at the Moroccan Sahara, because no balanced state would support separatism and even less when the project hides an annexation.

The Arab countries are not fooled concerning the bellicose intentions of Algeria in this file and it is for this reason that the Summit of the Arab League organized in Algiers was the flop of the century after almost all the heads of Arab states and influential monarchies have decided not to go there.

Echourouk, who is attacking Jordan, minimizes the scope of King Abdallah II’s mediation by estimating that it does not deserve to be heard by Algiers because of its absence from the Arab summit.

“The Jordanian monarch is one of the leaders absent from the Arab summit in Algeria, despite the importance placed by the Algerian authorities on first-level representation at this summit, which makes his alleged mediation of lesser importance compared to those whose there is talk of other Arab princes and presidents who enjoy greater esteem from Algeria,” the publication said.

And this is where the shoe pinches, King Abdallah II, like all Arab leaders, did not respond favorably to Algeria’s invitation despite the many desperate attempts put in place to save this Summit, which all the world precisely refused for the Algerian positions on many issues.

The Algerian publication proudly recounts the failure of King Abdullah II (who has just visited Algeria) and other Arab nations to restore relations between Algeria and Morocco. “It is the file that none of the leaders of influential countries, which have excellent relations with Algeria and personal ties with President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, and they have balanced positions close to Algerian positions, on the subjects of concern for Algeria, such as the Sahrawi question, and certain regional issues, did not manage to break through,” Echourouk suggests.

In reality, President Tebboune does not have good relations with Arab countries apart from Tunisia, Qatar and Mauritania, and no country has the same positions as Algeria on the Sahara issue and even minus the “influential countries” of the Arab world which were not cited by the publication since they do not exist.

As such, the Supreme Council of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which includes the Gulf States, Arab countries “influential and important”, as quoted by the Algerian newspaper, reiterated at the beginning of December at the end of its 43rd session organized in Riyadh, “its firm positions and decisions in favor of the Moroccanness of the Sahara and the preservation of the security and stability of the Kingdom of Morocco and its territorial integrity”.

“The Algerian authorities have made a decisive and non-negotiable decision, which translates into the refusal of any mediation” with Morocco, the media asserts aggressively and adds that this decision stems from a “firm conviction that we do not trust to this system, because it is known to exploit any rapprochement in order to foment a betrayal that cannot even cross the mind, as President Abdelmadjid Tebboune said in one of his statements to the press”.

The tone is set, and this is relayed by an official media of the Algerian state which quotes the Algerian president himself, accusing Morocco of supposed future betrayals. In this case, where Algeria is the main actor, the Algerian rulers seem to want to give themselves importance by refusing healthy mediations and emanating from good intentions of important countries.

Morocco, for its part, intervened directly by repeatedly launching calls for reconciliation by showing maturity and honoring the human ties between the two countries. Direct messages were sent to the Algerian authorities by King Mohammed VI in his speeches.

Remember that it is Algeria that has kept its borders closed with Morocco since 1994 and refuses to reopen them… except when it is necessary to expel Moroccan nationals or sub-Saharan migrants.

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