the 9th wave of the epidemic continues to rise in France

Public Health France indicated this Thursday, December 8, 2022 that the incidence rate of Covid-19 was still on the rise in France. Hospitalizations are also on the rise, as is the number of deaths. But the situation remains less critical than in previous waves.

The ninth wave of the Covid epidemic is “still progressing” in France, associated with an increase in hospitalizations and deaths, health authorities observed this Thursday, December 8, 2022, as the country also faces influenza and bronchiolitis. .

Covid-19 incidence on the rise in all regions

Given the majority of the indicators – in the absence of those affected by a strike by certain biology laboratories – and the use of care, the epidemic is still progressing, noted the public health agency France in a report of the past week at the December 4.

Incidence rates continued to increase in all regions of mainland France, under the effect of a wave still driven by the Omicron variant.

Hospitalizations rose for the third consecutive week, the rate of new admissions however seeming to decline (+7%, against +13% the previous week).

The number of deaths is on the rise

And deaths, in hospitals and in medico-social establishments, have started to increase again, “after several weeks of decline”.

The “triple epidemic” facing France is “completely unprecedented” and its evolution still difficult to predict, underlined last week Public Health France. A surging Covid, early and rising flu and bronchiolitis at record levels for more than 10 years in infants are simultaneously impacting an already very strained health system.

Call for vaccination

“In this context and given the active circulation of several respiratory viruses”, Public Health France called once again on Thursday to strengthen vaccination for those most at risk.

Booster Covid and flu vaccinations are still lagging behind, despite a recent shudder.

The High Authority for Health gave the green light on Thursday to two new vaccines available as a reminder, with a technology other than messenger RNA.

Public Health France calls for more frequent mask wearing

Adherence to barrier gestures, including the wearing of a mask, must “increase in particular to protect the most vulnerable”, also hammered the health agency.

Emmanuel Macron put on a mask on Thursday during a trip to Vienne, believing that it was necessary to “get back to habits” in the face of the rise in the Covid-19 epidemic, “on a voluntary basis”.

With the approach of the end of year celebrations, the government only wants to encourage the wearing of masks, but caregivers, epidemiologists, patient associations urge it to impose it in closed places.

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