Soaring prices: Consumers are still paying the price

the Moroccan Social Front denounces the soaring prices as well as the current socio-economic situation in which a significant number of citizens live. Thus, the most affected vulnerable categories who suffer from housing problems or social injustice always pay the price.

As a result, MoroccoLatestNews asked the president of the Moroccan Federation for Consumer Rights (FMDC), Bouazza Kherrati, to explain the various challenges of the high cost of living in Morocco and to shed light on the socio-economic situation of Moroccans. “This tsunami of price increases, that’s what I call it, was triggered outside Morocco, it was imported. This means that Morocco depends on everything that happens outside and it does not have food, energy, health or industrial sovereignty. And this can’t be solved with protestshe said.

The president of the FMDC specifies that he “we have to stick together and change what really needs to be changed, namely the governance of joint managementand emphasizes the deficit situation relating to credits, specifying that this means that “Moroccan investors have not reached the level where they can reduce our fee from the world bank“.

According to Kherrati, we should adopt a clear economy which is not “dominated by income, because income is a great handicap for Morocconoting that the tax system in Moroccoblocks investments because people have declared that they are always sanctioned in an indirect way in relation to anti-fraud“.

I believe it is time to let go, to abandon the French system, because it is a system that dates back to Napoleon and which blocks investment. On the other hand, the Anglophone system allows the development of its investments“, he explains.

However, Bouazza Kherrati points out that people who come forward have the right to do so, especially when prices are soaring and “a wise government is there to find a solution during times of crisis through a better means for the benefit of the consumer but this is not the case currentlyand adds that “the consumer is now faced with two scourges, the first is that of high prices» in particular those of imported products and for this «we can’t do anything because there is the international market and we have to bend to meet our needs“.

Our interlocutor believes that if “we can eliminate or reduce the number of intermediaries at the level of products that return to Morocco to 80%, I believe that this problem will not be very felt“. Kherrati thus gives the example of the price of the fuel container which had reached 10,000 dollars in Morocco, now the prices have fallen and yet this has not been felt by the consumer and it is “where the government should intervene. He used the high cost of freight as an alibi now freight is no longer a problem and we still don’t feel it» and it is due to the invasion of intermediaries who profit from it in Morocco and for «use a term that I really like, it’s “siba” and consumers are the ones who will always pay the price“.

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