Pyramid marketing: Laftit announces that more than 70 people have been arrested in recent months

Interior Minister Abdelouafi Laftit said Moroccan authorities have taken several steps to fight pyramid marketing. A total of 52 cases have been handled since 2020 and more than 70 people have been arrested or brought to justice.

The minister, who was responding to a written question from a parliamentary group, recalled that pyramid marketing is considered fraudulent. Consisting of earning large sums of money by recruiting subscribers who must then recruit other people in the form of sponsorship, this technique causes more victims than profits to people who enter this vicious circle.

In two years, the Moroccan authorities have processed 52 files containing complaints for this pyramid trade with 73 suspects arrested and brought to justice. The number of victims, he added, stands at 438 people, since the year 2020.

The minister further noted that the security services have taken a series of measures to combat trade-related criminal acts, such as smuggling, fraud, counterfeiting and fraud through pyramid marketing.

“The security services were keen to speed up the procedures for hearing the parties to these cases, such as inspection and seizure procedures, as well as conducting field research to find out the methods and methods used in this kind of crime,” said the Minister of the Interior.

Thus, the authorities have intensified the vigilance and control of information and the promotion of this type of service on social media, in support of the competent authorities in the fight against financial and economic crime, and to develop the capacities of security personnel. in accordance with international standards to ensure the effectiveness of security, he said.

It should be noted that Law No. 31.08 on consumer protection stipulates, in its article 53, that it is prohibited to sell in a hierarchical manner or in any other similar manner related to the offer of products, goods or services to the consumer, products, goods or services for free or at a price lower than its real value, via bonds or tickets for others.

People who have paid into this type of fraudulent trade risk between one month and one year in prison and fines between 20,000 to 40,000 dirhams.

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