Pr Housseini: African countries must follow the Moroccan example and rely on themselves

The potential of the African continent and its resources are becoming difficult to deny and are attracting more and more players from other continents to invest there. However, African countries have the opportunity to contribute to their own development, among other things, by following the Moroccan example.

The holding of the United States-Africa summit is further proof of the interest shown by other continents in a constantly evolving Africa. This is also the reason why the American president, Joe Biden, considered that the continent must have a seat among the great powers of the G20. However, African countries are able to evolve by themselves based on the example and the proposals made by the Kingdom.

This is the idea put forward and defended by political scientist and expert in international relations, Mohamed Tajeddine El Housseini. ” African countries must look to themselves to apply the proposals that have been made by the Moroccan Sovereign for almost 6 or 7 years now, when he visited certain African countries and established cooperation relations based on the common interests of the african“, he confided to MoroccoLatestNewsFR.

According to the political scientist, Morocco can play an extraordinary role in agriculture, which is the weak point of a lot of African countries that encounter nutrition problems and lack food. Moreover, the projects that have been implemented as well as the imports of Moroccan fertilizers ” open up great prospects for South-South operations“, he says.

African countries must try to derive benefits for themselves from this international cooperation. There are many players, including Turkey, China, India, the European Union and now the United States, so we have to take the profit shares of this kind of cooperation, but we have to concentrate the revolution. industrial and agricultural, social and economic on their needs and means of action“, maintains Tajeddine El Husseini, who believes that ” Morocco has set an extraordinary example at the level of South-South dialogue and is currently the first investor in West Africa and the second at the continental level after South Africa“.

Regarding the American initiative, Ihe only thing this continent can have is the possibility of participating with the group of 20 and that will still give it a possibility to discuss widely economic issues and those based on the social level… Countries have already been authorized to participate individually like Saudi Arabia for example, but to give this right to Africa, it is necessary to expect that the continent is united and unified because the African Union does not really represent the exact unity of these countries under the same slogans and the same convictions“, indicates the expert.

We know ” that they (African states) meet during the official conclaves of the organization but that’s it. We don’t yet have supranational bodies that reflect the power of others like what is happening in the European Union, where there are bodies that are truly supranational. The AU is based on majorities that do not reflect the reality of what is happening at the bottom, in African countries“, he adds.

He explains in this regard that this is another handicap which risks having negative consequences even on participation with the G20.

For the political scientist, he “ now remains help and assistance. Perhaps that is the only thing that African countries, especially Sub-Saharans, can hope for from this American initiative to organize this summit. It’s an area of ​​competitiveness now, of competition between the superpowers and maybe the Africans will get some positive results from it, and that’s the only issue that remains valid for them.“.

Professor Houssaini specifies in the sense that the countries which are interested in the continent know well that ” Africa is the city of the world. It is the number 1 continent on the demographic level, and on the economic level, it is where there are the real sources of oil, gas and mining. It is a land that is very rich, fertile and still virgin for agriculture”.

He wants for example and proof, Sudan: “This country, on its own, if its lands are seriously exploited in an adequate manner, would have the capacity to feed the entire Arab world“.

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