Polisario vows to Iran for its survival

At the beginning of this month of December, a delegation of the separatists, in desperation, went to Russia with the aim of obtaining financial and military support. He took it badly, since Moscow chose to express its neutrality with regard to the conflict in the Sahara.

In any case, this is what the Kremlin underlined at the end of the meeting, led by Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bodganov and a member of the Polisario secretariat, Khatri Addouh if we stick to it. to the Arab daily Al Arab. Russia advocating a mutually acceptable solution within the framework of the United NationsMoscow no longer sees the separatist movement in the same way as Algeria.

In its treatment of the question, Al Arab also mentions the links between Morocco and Russia.

Indeed, the two countries maintain strategic relations in order to protect their mutual interests. For this reason, Morocco refrained from condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at the United Nations, although, according toAl Arabthis decision did not affect Rabat’s relations with the United States and Europe, because “both parties showed understanding“. Nor do the sanctions prevent Rabat and Moscow from continuing to develop their ties.

Also, despite the restrictions imposed on Russian planes and ships, Moroccan airspace remains open to Russian planes unlike that of the EU. A dozen Russian fishing vessels are also in the territorial waters of the Kingdom. These balances and Rabat’s diplomatic efforts serve to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Morocco, as well as to isolate the separatist movement from the Polisario.

The recent African summit in the United States also represented another diplomatic failure for the separatist movement. It was not discussed. That “also removes one of the Polisario’s most important geopolitical stakes and undermines its importance as a party with significant economic advantages for Algeria“. Suddenly, “the Polisario becomes in fact a simple political, financial and security burden for Algeria, and this without any counterpart”, adds the Arab daily.

That said, one of the other biggest mistakes of the separatists was to link themselves militarily to the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Moroccan Ambassador to the United Nations, Omar Hilale, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Abroad, Nasser Bourita, have constantly warned against the threats weighs on the region the partnership between Tehran and the Polisario. These links not only create risks in North Africa, but also harm the organization itself. The Polisario’s use of Iranian drones could bring Morocco greater international support.

As we can see, the mercenaries end the year with several open fronts that will be addressed at the next congress to be held in early 2023. These challenges include recent diplomatic failures and internal divisions. In this last challenge, most notable is the generational gap between two camps, one that wants to resume war and the other that engages in diplomacy.

The differences between the members led to several resignations, including that of the head of European affairs who invoked “profound differences in vision, methods and tools“. “After a firm request months ago, today I presented my resignation in writing to the Polisario secretary from my position as head of Europe and the EU. “I thanked him for his confidence, but the deep disagreements with him on the vision and the methods forced me to take this difficult decision”, explained the Sahrawi diplomat on Twitter.

However, in the middle of next January, the separatist movement is preparing to celebrate its sixteenth congress, but the result is already known in advance. It repeats itself inexorably every three or four years with the same scenario. It is played in advance. This will come as no surprise, given the spin-off imposition of tribal quotas that is usually projected in the final vote. In short, everything is calculated in pure North Korean style.
We will disguise the presence and intervention in the inaugural act of foreign guests, mostly from solidarity groups close to the Spanish far left, as well as its peripheral nationalisms or independence movements that are part of the planned scenario . Unfortunately, over the years they are less and less numerous and representative and above all very ostentatious.

Those of the faithful who remain will parade through the speakers’ gallery in an attempt to give the event a so-called international dimension and show that the stalled “liberation process” is accumulating growing universal support, which is not true. The debate and the speeches will focus, as always, on the “acquis of the revolution”, highlighting the “presidential” trips to certain African capitals, as a “stone guest” at a certain conference which will in no case produce results for the cause, beyond souvenir “selfies”.

No one will question the outgoing and incoming political leadership, which will generally remain the same. As for the deplorable decision concerning the breaking of the ceasefire and its disastrous consequences on the ground, the so-called “liberated territory” has ceased to exist and dozens of young people driven to suicide are losing their lives daily, victims of Moroccan drones.

Nor will we be talking, during this Congress, about the insecurity and deterioration of living conditions inside the camps or about the frustration of the young people who live there, and even less about the diplomatic setbacks or the failure of the umpteenth UN special envoy. Let’s be reassured, the scenario does not envisage it.

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