Peru dismisses Polisario ally President Pedro Castillo

In Lima, this Wednesday, December 7, 2022, it’s a bit of constitutional confusion in this junk democracy embodied until today by a president with a plate!

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo on Wednesday ordered the dissolution of parliament just hours before it meets to debate a motion to impeach him.

Indeed, the left-wing man, from the Peruvian left, thinking of taking Parliament by surprise, announced in a message to the nation, delivered from the presidential palace, the establishment of a ” emergency government. He said in this regard “temporarily dissolve the Congress of the Republic and establish an exceptional emergency government”adding “convene as soon as possible a new Congress with constituent powers to draft a new Constitution within a period not exceeding nine months”.

He further decreed a “national curfew between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m.”. “The judicial system, the judiciary, the public ministry, the National Council of Justice, the Constitutional Court are declared in reorganization”he also announced, asking “to all persons in possession of illegal weapons” to “hand them over to the national police within 72 hours”.

He took it badly, because the announcement was followed by a cascade of resignations by Peruvian ministers and ambassadors to international organizations. In the aftermath, Parliament voted to dismiss Pedro Castillo for “moral incapacity”. The motion was approved by 101 of the 130 parliamentarians. The ballot was broadcast live on television.

Castillo had previously escaped two similar motions, the last of which was in March 2022. For the hemicycle,“President Pedro Castillo simply staged a coup. He violated article 117 of the Peruvian Constitution and is illegal. It is a self-coup doomed to failure”. Moreover, the Peruvian president was taken into custody by the Peruvian police after having dissolved the Congress.

On images broadcast by Peruvian television, the president was in an official vehicle, surrounded by police. The now ex-head of state was then arrested by the security forces. Vice-President Dina Baluarte, who denounced this coup, should be invested by the Congress as the new president of Peru from 3 p.m. (Lima time, GMT-5) this Wednesday.

Shortly before, the plenary of the Peruvian Congress had approved, by a majority, the dismissal of Pedro Castillo because of alleged acts of corruption. Indeed, Pedro Castillo, from poor and rural Peru, a teacher by profession, has been accused for some time of having intervened in a case of alleged corruption operated by his entourage. He was one of the leaders of a national teachers’ strike that lasted nearly three months in 2017 which made him popular.

We remember, the corrupt, fervent ally of the Polisario in his lost cause, after having restored the recognition of the separatists against the advice of his Minister of Foreign Affairs, announced on August 18 the withdrawal of his recognition of the Polisario, before retracting, announcing a few days later, the restoration of relations. This volte-face had hardly been to the liking of Peru’s MFA, Miguel Rodríguez Mackaya, who had then submitted his resignation, because of “differences with the Head of State” concerning the position of Peruvian diplomacy on the question of the Sahara.

As a reminder, the Republic of Peru first established its ties with the Polisario in May 1987, but these were interrupted in September 1996 under the mandate of President Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000).

That said, coincidentally they are two defenders of the Polisario biting the lawn of the lawns of discord in these times. Along with this brave Pedro Castillo, who is already tasting the straw of Peruvian jails, there is also the other, slightly less brave President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, whose fate should be sealed in a few days, although the executive committee of the ANC (African National Congress) sided with its corrupt leader, accused of “financial embezzlement”. In history, Moroccan diplomacy can only make the most of the profits.

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