Ouahbi promises very severe criminal sanctions

After the press release from the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) concerning the player Zakaria Aboukhlal, it is the turn of the Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Ouahbi, to go online to denounce online harassment, insulting or mocking remarks on the Internet.

“It is shameful what is happening on the internet even if the Penal Code, in particular article 447, punishes these acts of defamation”, declared the minister who recalled that the draft reform of the Penal Code includes severe sanctions against online defamation.

Speaking at the weekly plenary session of oral questions in the House of Representatives, the Minister of Justice, Abdelatif Ouahbi recalled that individuals involved in defamation on online platforms will be severely punished by law, as part of the reform of the penal code which will be ready by the end of the current month.

He thus indicated that this type of content published in particular on social networks does not come under the press code but under the penal code, and thus the accused risk prison sentences.

“This orientation will push the public prosecutor’s office to apply the Penal Code in this type of situation”added the Minister, highlighting a case that has just been dealt with by the Court of Cassation, which ruled that it was the criminal code that should be applied in these cases.

And concerning accusations against the player Zakaria Aboukhlal which prompted the FRMF to issue a press release, Abdellatif Ouahbi considered that it was only a hype to make the buzz.

“Don’t pay attention to this gibberish. There are some parts that aim to damage the image of the national team. This team has honored Morocco and this kind of thing must not reach us and these players are well above the din of a newspaper which has no value. said the minister.

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