Morocco victory celebrated in Algeria despite hostile media campaign

The noise of the Atlas Lions’ victory against La Roja in the 2022 World Cup resonated in several cities in Algeria despite the media blackout by the Algerian authorities. Brotherhood prevails over hatred of the regime.

Despite a densification of hostility against Morocco since the “election” of Abdelmadjid Tebboune in 2019, the regime of the “new Algeria” could not rot the hearts of Algerians who came out in large numbers in the streets country to celebrate Morocco’s qualification for the quarter-finals of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

The two brother peoples have not succumbed to the discourse of hatred and terror inseminated by the new Algerian regime since the fall of Abdelaziz Bouteflika. In the city of Chéraga in Algeria, a giant screen was installed in the street to follow Morocco’s match against Spain.

“Allah Akbar Yassine Bounou”, “inchallah ya rebi inchallah”, “go campionés”, “1,2,3 viva marroqui”, repeated and shouted by the Algerians to encourage the Moroccan team with their hearts.

“Do not believe the regimes, they are against the will of the people,” tweeted journalist Karima Ziada, showing a video filmed in a cafe in Algeria.

The two countries have maintained oscillating and turbulent relations since Algeria is the sponsor of separatism in Morocco by arming and campaigning for the creation of a false state on Moroccan soil, through the Polisario militia.

But despite the tensions and mistrust, in Bouteflika’s time, respect reigned between the two countries who spoke to each other, met and kept strong ties during important events.

Today, because of the Moroccan-phobic military regime, an anti-Moroccan strategy has spread in Algeria, starting with the attempt to install feelings of detestation, rivalry and hatred towards Morocco by using the media that s attack and persist in building a negative image of Morocco in the minds of Algerian citizens.

The Algerian regime tried to make its people believe that Morocco was responsible for almost all the ills in Algeria, even going so far as to blame it for the deadly fires in Kabylie when the Kingdom offered to make available to the Algeria two Canadairs that the regime refused.

If the media hype in Algeria is bearing fruit among the most gullible populations, the fact remains that it does not find an echo among the majority of the Algerian people and this was demonstrated during this 2022 World Cup in Qatar. .

The Algerian media had voluntarily removed Morocco from the list of matches played, provoking the indignation of Algerians and a good number of Arab countries. The anti-Moroccan campaign continued on Tuesday for the game against Spain.

The Algerian television channels ignored Morocco’s brilliant victory by only talking about the elimination of Spain.

“The despicable military media in Algeria because of the phobia of Morocco. Shame on you,” commented Algerian human rights defender Anouar Malek.

The Algerian media preferred to invent fake news to tarnish Morocco’s image on the same day of the match ended with Morocco’s victory, by associating Moroccans with a supposed pedophile network on social networks, during the television news.

“Among them are two individuals of Moroccan nationality”, begins by writing the Algerian police on Twitter, publishing an extract from the television news.

Despite everything, the Algerians were numerous to support Morocco in its football adventure, following the matches one after the other as if it were their own national team. As in Morocco, cafes were crowded, families gathered in front of the television, activities stopped during matches, and joy burst after victory.

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