Morocco in the African top 10

The site specializing in comparative studies has just published its 2022 ranking which compares internet offers in 220 countries around the world. In view of this table, on our continent Morocco is the ninth African country where the connection speed is the fastest with 13.03 megabits per second (Mbps).

The Kingdom is far behind first-class Rwanda with a national average internet speed of 52.17 Mbps. Our country in a sector that it once dominated as a good leader continues to regress and has a long way to go before claiming to catch up with emerging countries in the field, which we did not expect at such a party. and whose efforts are commended.

In the world ranking, Rwanda occupies the 48th place is also to say the delay of the continent compared to the other countries of the planet. Reunion and South Africa come in second and third place at the African level with respectively (37.44 Mbps) and (28.62 Mbps). Madagascar is at the foot of the podium with its 4th place and an average connection speed of 19.29 Mbps ahead of Nigeria (15.37 Mbps), Seychelles (14.89 Mbps) and Mauritania (13.44 Mbps), Burkina Faso (13.43 Mbps) Morocco (13.03 Mbps) and Kenya (12.42 Mbps).

Nice to know, it’s in North Africa, which has the slowest overall internet speeds on the continent, with an average download of 7.45 Mbps compared to 8.88 Mbps in the sub-Saharan zone. To get an idea of ​​the speed of the internet connection in Africa, this comparison: to download a 5GB video in Burkina Faso, it takes about 51 minutes, while in Côte d’Ivoire 15th (10.14 Mbps) and in Senegal 26th (6.53 Mbps) it takes 1 hour 7 minutes and 1 hour 44 minutes respectively.

The least we can say, in view of the world ranking, where the Internet is the fastest in the world according to the report, it is Taiwan which comes first among the countries and territories offering Internet connections. fastest broadband, with an average download speed of around 136 Mbps, nearly 14 Mbps faster than Japan, second in our ranking. On the podium is France, the country with the fastest Internet in Europe, with an average of 120 Mbps nationwide.

It must be said that territories with less than one million inhabitants are excluded from the ranking, otherwise it would be Macau, on the southern Chinese coast, which has the fastest fixed network, with an average of around 263 Mbps. In second position, we would find the island of Jersey in the English Channel with nearly 257 Mbps. Luxembourg ranks eighth with 132 Mbps far behind Liechtenstein with 229.98 Mbps. However, disparities exist in the Old Continent in terms of internet speeds.

The easternmost countries of Europe (Belarus, Ukraine) and in the Balkans (Bosnia, Albania) are below 20 Mbps. Some large Western European countries are also lagging behind such as Italy (23.18 Mbps, 68th world place) or even England (37.82 Mbps, 47th ). In summary, the countries that have invested the most in the development of fiber optics are those with the best internet speeds and this is increasing from year to year.

Also, the smaller the area of ​​the country or territory, the more likely it is to be at the top of the ranking. Indeed, it is easier to modernize them entirely with fiber. This is also the reason for the growing gap in the world between countries, the countries with the fastest internet speeds continue to progress each year while the less advanced countries are stagnating and which do not forward not backward as the saying goes.

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